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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello friends, new and old! In case you didn't know, miss Sophie of Her library Adventures is hosting a naughty shorts give-away on her blog. Head over there to enter! She has sent a whole lot of lovely new readers my way,  so if you are new here I would like to welcome you to my little corner of blog-land. I am so happy to have you!

I have driven nearly 1500km's in the last two days!! I am pretty happy with myself. A solo adventurer. Although I did have a raucous toddler in the back seat. At one stage she stuck her fingers in her ears and yelled at me to stop singing! Oh no, I thought. It has begun already.

I am exhausted, but I am also completely inspired. I have a notebook that is spilling with ideas from the last week. Great ideas that I can't wait to see in action.

Tomorrow I will be opening the shop with a limited number of custom spots available. Please remember that it will be a first in best dressed scenario... If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email.

I am off for an afternoon nap with the small person. I am hoping to stay up late and sew all night...

bec x


  1. Old follower here :) Congrats on the big solo adventure! What an epic effort! Loving how inspired you are at the moment, it's the best feeling ever huh?!
    K, heading over to Sophie's blog now!
    Sway x

  2. That's a loooooooooooong way to drive!! AND with a toddler being loud?! AHGH!!!!!! I like the matt finish on the pink phone, you don't see that very often!

  3. glad you got there safely, if it makes you feel better my Evie tells me to shush all the time ;) enjoy settling in and your newfound inspiration x

  4. I have entered and have fingers crossed big-time! Have loved reading your blog but don't know if I have ever commented before, so this comp has spurred me into commenting action!

  5. Thanks for the welcome, it's nice to be here! Lovely blog and clothes x