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Monday, April 2, 2012

So I am thinking about getting braces...

I think I want to correct my wonky smile!! I think that the invisalign system is what I want to go for, but it is SO incredibly expensive. I had better start saving the pennies. Have you had invisalign, or do you know someone who has?? I would love to hear what you think.

Bec x


  1. Your wonky smile is gorgeous (and I wouldnt have called it wonky except you said it first!) :)

  2. you are beautiful. i have a wonky smile too, sometimes i think it suits my face, other times i desperately want them straight. invisalign look like they'd be great, i have known people who have them (and you really can't tell) but have never seen the end result.

  3. My dentist talked to me about invisalign. I like the idea and like that it's practically invisible, but I didn't think it was worth the astronimical price! Maybe if my teeth were really bad, but it's only my bottom teeth that are really crooked and people say they don't notice.

    My friend had invisalign but it didn't straighten her teeth and she had to have metal braces afterwards.

    But really, your teeth are TOTALLY fine the way they are! I would definitely recommend braces for someone with really crooked teeth - but yours aren't!

  4. I think your teeth are totally pretty just the way they are!

  5. you want to know what i think? i think your smile is so pretty (i'm a gappy myself.../sigh) but i understand why it's important for YOU that it is straightened.
    i have "donkey ears" (mmhmm, for real!) and while people say 'oh i didnt even notice!' etc, YOU notice. all.the.time. aware.
    so what i REALLY think is that you should def go ahead via the quickest, easiest route regardless of cost.
    (not that you need my permission, but yanno...)


  6. Don't change your pretty face and smile, you are so beautiful
    the way you are now....


  7. YOur smile is perfect just the way it is xxxxx!

  8. I think you have a very pretty smile. Spend that money on more fabric!

  9. After many years of wanting my teeth straighter and my wonky teeth gone I went and got braces in January I am 47 and knew it was now or never as Id been wantint hem so long.I was told by dentist not to do invisalign beacuse often eople still have to have braces as they arent that great.I will be getting mine of hopefully in July and my teeth are so much straighter.My top teeth will never be exactly how as I want them (have an eye tooth missing) as to do that Id have to have to go to an orthodontist and would be a huge job.Be prepared foe the expense I have been dehoarding to pay for mine and you would just have to sell lots more dresses which are so popluar you would have no trouble doing.
    With all that said I think your smile is beautiful just as you are but I know just how you feel.Do what you feel is right for you.Do let me know if you go ahead xxx

    1. thanks miss nelly, I will let you know. I am feeling pretty excited about the idea right now... Bec x

  10. I know how you feel. I have been unhappy with my teeth, namely the front ones for years. However, after making the decision to go ahead and have braces... 2 days before my orthodontic appointment I tripped and knocked one of my front teeth out! Unbelievable hey!?! So instead I have had years of messing around with dental crowns instead to much expense. I am now happier with my wonky smile as I was so worried I would have a toothless one or an ugly looking crown! I think in years to come I will need an implant as the small piece of root remaining might give up though. However, I'd love my original wonky smile back instead of all the messing I've had.

    Good luck with you teeth but love what you have :)
    sam x

  11. lovely photo and beautiful smile. i had braces throughout high school - around 3.5 years it was and i am very happy i did. i hope this works out for you. our teeth are constantly on display - i know how you feel. enjoy your day. xo

  12. I understand the desire for the "perfect" smile. We are bombarded with those images. With all due respect - I know there'll be a bloggyish grilling for this, but is it all getting abit generic??? Surely in these times of promoting peoples individuality and special quirks and personalities we've seen past this. Bec you really are gorgeous and that includes your smile. sue

  13. You so do not need to do this at all! Save all that money and go to Italy for a holiday! I think your smile is gorgeous just the way it is. melx

  14. Let me just say that you have a lovely smile. I know a few people that had invisalign and I wasn't impressed with the results. If you are not completely dedicated, they don't work. Personally, I had normal braces and actually didn't mind it. I was in my 30's when I did it and they worked beautifully. When I married my 2nd hubby, I "encouraged" him to do the same and he is also very pleased with the results. If you are set on getting your smile "fixed", save some $ for the above mentioned holiday in Italy (been there, can't wait to go back) by going with traditional braces. Good luck!