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Friday, July 22, 2011

Something has to change...

Yesterday I received some exciting news - I'm sorry I can't tell you yet - but it means I need to get organised...My house has been taken over by my studio.

I need to make some tough decisions...

Some things have to go.

I have made the decision that sewing at the dining table, because I can't reach my sewing table, is no longer an option.

Today I started sorting through my studio. I am being ruthless. Lots of rubbish for the bin. Car loads of stuff for the op-shop. Boxes full of treasures to be stored away until the day comes that I can rediscover them - perhaps in a home of our own.

This weekend will see my studio transformed from a 'useless, colourful mess' to a ' beautiful, functional work-space'

I plan to be away from the computer this weekend... But I promise some (hopefully) wonderful before and after shots...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned.


P.s - I am not pregnant if that's what you are thinking...


  1. You are going full time in your business? You are moving into your own home? LOL whatever it is bet your excited.I hope you dont get lost in there I know I nearly do when I sort out my stuff xx

  2. Ooh how EXCITING....I know I won't sleep tonight for WONDERING what this big news is....**wink**....!

    Can't wait to see the result of your time sprucing up your studio....!!

    Have a FAB weekend....!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. I have to admit that those big piles of fabric send chills of delight down my spine. I want to tip them on the floor and round around in them with glee. I guess that is easy for me to say though - they aren't piled up in my house.

    Good luck with the change.

  4. Ok, if it has to be done then it has to be done. BUT, if we haven't heard from you by Sunday night, I will personally call 000 and get them to send a search party.

  5. having a cleanup is the best feeling ever! i love tidying my studio, i always discover things i never knew i had, or had forgotten about and makes my whole creative vision so much clearer! i coloured coded my vintage fabrics and put them in giant plastic tubs, so much fun and so pretty too. i can be such a collector but i am totally awesome at bring ruthless when i need to be too. sold a lot of my fabrics at the first suitcase rummages and then began to freak out that i'd let go of too many and started to collect again. lets not kid ourselves, we'll always be fiends for fabrics. :) good luck and enjoy the process. look forward to seeing pics next week. xx

  6. I wouldn't mind checking out the op-shop after you've dropped off those donations Bec...or checking out your rubbish bins either for that matter. O M G that sounds awful...but you know what I mean (well, I hope so anyway...)
    Exciting times ahead. Yay! can't wait to find out all your goss x

  7. That pile of sheets is just so beautiful but sewing on the dining table amidst a toddler is probably not ideal. The way mine eat anyway! Can't wait to see the makeover and find out the news. melx

  8. All the best for your weekend of decluttering. Hard to do, but so worthwhile in the end. It gives you back your "headspace" also. I need to do this too, my sewing corner is in absolute dissaray at this point of time and I feel so disorganized. Perhaps your after pics will inspire me xo

  9. Good luck! You sound so motivated!! I too am sewing at my kitchen table (my husband has taken over the dining room table for his "desk.")...because I have too much disorganization in my sewing room. Unfortunately, I am not sure a weekend would be enough for me! I don't move as quickly as I did before!!

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com

  10. ps. i got my teapot cookie cutters from T2...pack of 4 or so for $10! if you'd like, i could send you a pack. they're divine. happy sunday pretty lady. xx

  11. umm.........your moving to Broome???? Can't wait to find out. For some of us old tip rats its very hard to "cull" and "de-clutter". Good luck.