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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can you feel the love tonight?? Can you?

Hello hello!! How are you ?? Probably asleep right now... But awake I suppose when you are actually reading this...

I am up, awake. 

I am actually feeling a little bit sad.  I have been left at home and everyone one else has gone off to the pub to celebrate my loves birthday...

Don't feel sorry for me though, as it was my own decision, and it is because I am still breastfeeding my baby that I have left behind my old booze-hag ways. Yes, I used to be a drunken floozy...

I was happy with my choice to stay at home with my small miss... She was watching the lion king while I tapped around on the computer... I didn't notice that the film had ended and that song - can you feel the love tonight - was looping over and over and over... I think that is what made me feel sad...

I won't be sad tomorrow when I wake up with a clear head and get to work finishing off more orders...

Today I was able to ship off an order for lovely miss Jen's wedding over in the United States... 

Chipping away at the orders...

Off to bed now.

Bec x

P.s - Now days I would trade a 'big night out' for a 'long hot bath' ANY day of the week... WEEKEND?? What's that?? Who cares anyway.... xo


  1. Those dresses are beautiful! I love love the cut and the gorgeous fabric! I'm always jealous of people who can sew because I most definitely cannot.


  2. I absolutely ADORE that purple dress, second to last pic! Just beautiful!

  3. Bless you i know just what you mean. I think its a contented age thing ;-)) Pj's and a good dvd night in are the best ;-)) I adore your dresses and the fabrics you use are just stunning. Sleep well, dee x

  4. Oh my goodness...do you know you are a hero?
    Those dresses.....:-o!

    Very special to give your babygirl 'mamamilk'...there will be enough time later to get drunk...but still..congratulations!

    Be proud of yourself when you are finishing those orders tomorrow with a fresh and clear head ;-)


  5. Really beautiful dresses you have created. It's funny that when you are breastfeeding there is not much desire to go out and have fun. I'm very content just staying home at night. Looks like it was a very productive one for you xo

  6. I can so relate to the drunken floozy thing!!! I too was in that boat BC (before children). It seems a lifetime ago now, my eldest is 12. Your dresses or so beautiful Bec, you are truely an inspiration!!!

  7. Always love seeing a run of your gorgeous dresses. The champers can wait. One day you will wake up and your little bubba will choose books instead of the milkbar and it will be all over- happened with Liongirl at 15 months and you will be a little sad, then you can go out and have a cocktail night with the girls to help you get over it! melx

  8. It's great not waking up with a hang-over. I certainly don't miss them. The colours of your dresses are simply divine! I'm eyeing them off for Spring. x

  9. don't be sad. i'm 28 soon with no bubbas and i would trade a night out for a night in the tub anyday! i can't tell you enough just how talented you are. i seriously wanna get married asap because i want to order my bridesmaid dresses NOW! haha. have a great weekend and enjoy 'you' time, it's utterly priceless. xx

  10. I've poped over from vintage sheets blog....stunned that I haunt come across your blog sooner! How amazing are your dresses....putting you into my reader now... So I don't miss another post!

  11. I just love all your pretty dresses!