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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

foggy mornings... and foggy minds

Lately I have not been awake much earlier than 8.30 in the morning... This is mainly due to being awake in the middle of the night tending to my small person or sitting at my sewing machine. But every few weeks I have to wake up before the sun to take my love to the airport. He works FIFO for a mining company here in Western Australia.

Even though its hard to get out of bed I am always happy to see the sky change colour as the sun slowly rises. This week was especially magical because of the thick fog that surrounded the car as we drove down the highway...

On the home front - I am happy to report that the studio is back to working order and that the dining table is clear and ready for family meals. It is not yet ready for a before and after though - I don't know how I thought I could possibly have it organised in one weekend. Madness!!

Wish you could all be here to take care of the things I am getting rid of - I am so sad to see it go - and knowing that it would end up in good hands really does take the sting out of parting with treasures... But out with the old and in with the new... Or at least the new to me.

I do have a tip-shop-visit planned in a couple of weeks...

Hope you are ready to face the new week!!


Bec x


  1. These photos are gorgeous, so eerie! I wish I could come and take some treasures off your hands! Have you thought about selling some things? xx

  2. Lovely photo's the world is pretty magical first thing in the morning. Hope everything runs smooth with the changes inside the house, enjoy your week, dee x