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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

orders up...

These three dresses are off to the US for the wedding of gorgeous Alyssa!!

A secret garden dress for the delicious Candice xo

One of my favourite fabrics so far!! A dress for miss Sasha D xo

ANOTHER sectret garden dress for miss Li-Ping, who is  an official  collector of my dresses.
Two more are on their way my lady. xo

And tomorrow I will be finishing dresses for Tessa, Rebecca H, Michelle B, Bobbie P and the lovely Kylie from Lucy Violet Vintage...


Bec x


  1. i know i tell you this everytime but i think that you're ridiculously fabulous! i love the blue floral dress and i am loving the setup behind the dresses too. those wild horses and suitcases are utter perfection in their own right. will get my order in soon busy lady! (no rush of course, i just want one of my own!) have a lovely wednesday. xx

  2. so enjoying the one with the bodice and skirt made in different-but-complementary fabrics. i keep imagining dresses like that whenever i see fabulous doona covers with different prints on the two halves - maybe a different scale or slightly-different-but-matching designs.
    'kit and nancy,' you've hit the nail on the head. ridiculously fabulous indeed!

  3. Beautiful!!. I love the new neck line you are creating....adds that extra feminine touch.

  4. Oh my dear, your dresses are stunning!!!! I just love the different fabrics. I'm definitely going to get my order on...

  5. Beautiful i love the blues ones best gorgeous fabrics ;-)) dee x

  6. I just felt a pang of jealousy for the other Rebecca H in this world who is lucky enough to be wearing one of these beauties. How does this Rebecca H get in on that action?!