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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I made a swing coat...

I have had quite a week... Looking after an unwell and grumpy baby has meant very little sleep and very little work. I did spend most of the week in my pyjamas, although I do have to admit that I spend a lot of my time in Pj's anyway... Nonetheless, despite the grizzly small person and sleep deprivation, I have managed a few crafty  victories. My best being this swing coat that I made for miss Z last night...

Still deciding on where to fix the buttons...

The lining was a sheet that was sent to me by a friend this week. Thanks Lucy!!

I used this pattern from heidi and finn on etsy and it was HEAPS easy!!!! You should
make one. I want to make more of them. The next one I want to make with a hood...

The best thing is that I bought the wool in the remnant basket at spotlight for like $4.00  - BARGAIN!

My yummy-mummy in law went op-shopping on my behalf
 and came home with BAGS full of  vintage sheet goodness!!

....working on new ideas for my blog header. What do you think??

Lot's of orders that will ship on Wednesday...

A few dresses that I managed to ship last week...

I have sent out a few dress orders, and I have a bundle that will be shipped on Wednesday. Yesterday was my first full day with the small person back in daycare, and It felt so good to get stuck back into cutting and sewing my orders. If all goes to plan I will be completely up-to-date with orders in about 2 weeks!!!! I can't wait. I am in desperate need of some time to work on new ideas.... 

Happy weekend! I hope you are getting up to heaps of mischief! 

What fun.

Bec x


  1. As someone who's juggled one/two kids with a craft business, I just wanted to say: You're not alone! You're doing a great job! When your bubba grows up they'll be proud of having such a creative, resourceful Mumma. Keep working, it's worth it.

    (Love the swing tags & blog header.)

  2. oh my gosh. your posts are just full of deliciousness! i love love love that bubba jacket. you are so freakin clever. vintage sheet goodness from loved ones is the best kind. have a lovely sunday clever lady! xx

  3. I just found your gorgeous blog! This jacket is amazing! I love all your photos. I'm your newest follower!


  4. Very cute little coat! I like your new blog header too!


  5. Oh YAYYYYYY Bec....Once you're up to date I might pop in my order(s)....hahahahaha....!!

    LOVE the little swing coat & your header idea looks VERY tasty....!!

    **sigh**....I'm ENVIOUS of your time spent in pj's (sick little one aside)....I would have LOVED to have been able to do that today as the weather was BEYOND crapPAY....hmmmmm....Maybe I'll make Wednesday pj day at Casa De SVJ....I'll let you know how it pans out....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  6. That swing coat is gorgeous, love that brown wool and floral lining. You must post some photos of your gorgeous girl modelling. I also love love love that new floral fabric that your mother in law found- is there any chance that fabric could be put aside for a tea dress for me? melx

  7. Hello! Can't quite believe I haven't stumbled on your blog before. That little jacket is gorgeous and your work is wonderful.

  8. um... that jacket is AWESOME! you are amazing :) love it!

    kel x

  9. LOVE that coat, great fabrics too :)

  10. I love your swing coat and I love how you added the buttons. I made one with the tie and even though it is cute it is a bit cumbersome, the buttons are just cute as can be!