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Thursday, July 28, 2011

my week so far... sort of.

Now I am leaving a whole lot out - gloomy weather has been in the way of me taking any great photos - so I have been embracing the instagram snapshots...

To sum it up - I have had a very productive dress making week - with at least ten dresses that will ship tomorrow.

I am also working on a fun little project - hand stamped badges - either to pin on like a brooch - OR MAYBE - I was thinking you could sew them on to your apron and collect them like a 'brownie' or a 'girl scout'!!!!! What do you think? I am very excited by the idea - personally :)

The 'lets make whoopie pies' badge is for the lovely miss over at Kit and Nancy who has been wonderful enough to give us a recipe for carrot cake whoopie pies on her blog this week.

My mum is here, so I have to stop being rude and get off the computer.



  1. Oh, busy you! I LOVE the badge idea, i'm a frustrated Brownie/guide, it fell on ballet nights for me :( haha :)

  2. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i fogot to reply to supplying you with my address. will email you the deets. cannot wait! i LOVE it and you are too kind. LOVE your neat stash of fabrics, studio must be looking beautiful. if you send me a pressie, you have to be prepared to get something back! xx

  3. YES! I love the idea! Ok, better choose my fabric now! x

  4. hey lovely, can't find your email link anywhere...could you please email me your address and i'll reply with mine? yay for swaps! xx lauramitchell@mail2artist.com