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Saturday, July 2, 2011

late night urges... (of the creative kind)

A few weeks ago I ordered some velvet ribbon, not sure what I would end up doing with it. Last night the idea struck that I would use said ribbon to make my own 'on trend' Union Jack cushion cover. Luckily it took no longer than an hour, seeing as the urge took over at around 10pm. I was so happy with how it turned out I couldn't wait to put together a tutorial to show how I put it all together...

I went to bed with a great sense of satisfaction and a head full of ideas, only to be woken at 2am by my small person clutching the side of her head in agony. I spent the rest of the night considering a trip to the hospital - I am not experienced with ear aches yet. My girl seemed to relax as long as I held her a certain way, so I had to sleep propped up by pillows in the lounge room so that she could get some relief.

Today has been spent in my pyjamas, styling my bedroom around my new pillow. I did take a heap of photos to make a tutorial for the pillow, but I bodged it!! I rushed it, I scalded the velvet ribbon with my iron, it looks ridiculous. So I will order some more ribbon and try again soon.

Anyway, I loved potting around today, sticking pictures on the wall, playing with silk flowers and styling my bedroom. The occasion called for fresh white sheets, and I just happened to chance upon a divine embroidered white sheet at the op shop recently.  I have to confess that it won't look like that for very long, not with a toddler running around the traps.

Other weekend activity so far has involved a little online indulging at the lark and  Peter Alexander online sales... The savings were so big I couldn't resist...

Well the time has come for an afternoon cuppa and a slice of date loaf... I hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to the weekend. I am on the hunt for new inspiration - I would love to know whats inspiring you - let me know.

Bec x


  1. I love it! Your room looks gorgeous too :)
    I hope your wee one is better soon. Earaches are awful.
    I shopped Lark sale too, how could we not! ;)
    My house is inspiring me right now, we moved back in and I'm enjoying styling :)

  2. Loving your bedroom such a joy on the eye with all the pretty colours. Your cushion is real cute funny what times on the day we get our ideas ;-)) I hope your little one feels better soon ear ache is no fun at all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x