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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The best way to start the day...

Kalah at work...

Cutest little abandoned building...

Little miss Lurgy...

Hi gorgeous people!! I feel like I am becoming a bit of a stranger these days in the bloggy realm. Life has been happening at a breakneck pace and I am just trying to keep up. The small person has been unwell. Her first lurgy for the season. She is feeling better now but spent most of last week watching movies or curled up on a pile of fabric on the floor of my mums studio.

I managed to escape parental duties for a night on the weekend to attend groove-in-the-moo and I am so glad that I did. I spent the whole festival hanging out with my niece, dancing and laughing with new friends and listening to a most awesome collection of artists. Shenanigans I will never forget!

I have since enlisted the help of my niece Kalah as my new apprentice. She will be helping me out for the next few weeks as I try to catch up on orders before my girls trip to Bali at the start of June. (yes, you heard me, a girls trip to bali!!!)  Kalah studied fashion and textiles in high school so she is instantly more qualified than myself. It is a laugh a minute with her in the studio. I expect we will be very productive this week.

Bec x


  1. Oh if I was sick, I think being curled up on the floor in pretty fabric would make me feel better! Poor wee poppet.
    How very exciting a trip with happy happy friends! Yay.
    Love v

  2. a little helper for you, you will get through double the work and have twice as much fun doing it.

  3. sounds like so much fun (apart from the being sick and busy)... a few friends of mine went to groove-in-the-moo and I'm so jealous of all the talent they got to see. I'm definitely going next year.


  4. Sounds like even more joy going to work than your job usually is you lucky duck! And a girls trip to Bali? Amazing! I have a girls weekend pretty soon and I am stoked about that. melx

  5. did you see matt corby?? was he fabulous?? we are heading out to the 'one night stand' in dalby next weekend which i am super dooper excited about!! woohoo!

    kel x

    p.s - a girls trip to bali?? how fabulous!