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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the red felt hat...

This morning my mum and I headed out to grab a coffee and hit up a couple of op-shops while we were at it. I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous red felt hat for only $4. I also walked away with a set of six, old English, gold plated dinner plates and a pretty tray cloth that I plan to make something dottie-angel-ish with...

My new plates feel so beautiful, I can't wait to set up a dinner party around them. I have quite a huge collection of mismatched silverware and a few service pieces that will accompany them nicely...

I have lost my apprentice to the Flu! I have to head up-stairs and get some sewing done on my lonesome... I hope you are enjoying a magical Tuesday, wherever you may be.

Bec x


  1. For you too!
    Your pics look lovely, as always! pretty dress!


  2. love those tights! good finds - the oppies have been pretty good lately!

    melynda x


  3. oh! i love your outfit - so cute as always, miss Bec

    PS LOVING your IG feed. totally delicious :)

  4. Gorgeous!! I also went op shopping with my mum last week...always fun :D Love love your creations.
    Ashleigh :-)

  5. You are such a babe! Love the tights, boots and hat combo. meld

  6. Finally! Someone who collects chinawear. I cannot tell you how many mismatched vintage plates, cups, silverware, and serving platters I have!

  7. Am totally envious of your hat! In my myriad of hats, I don't have a red one!