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Monday, May 28, 2012

cross processing...

Since I have announced the temporary closing of the shop, I feel I am slowly coming back to myself again. It's amazing what the prospect of a break can do for ones sanity and health. 

Last night I indulged in a couple of hours of creative sewing, trying out a new dress style that I have secret plans for... It is photographed here unfinished and pinned on the mannequin. I have a gorgeous lady visiting this evening for a fitting. It is the muslin for a rather special dress, although I do think it has turned out pretty special in it's own right. 

The little person is still unwell and missed daycare again today, which has pushed me a little further behind in my orders, but I am still well within my 8 week turnaround so I am not going to let it stress me out. 

Mum and I took a few snaps of my outfit again today, just for fun. We still haven't mastered the back-drop so please excuse all of those pesky wires at the bottom of every photo. It seems that my winter uniform consists of a dress, tights, cardigan and my cowboy boots. It really doesn't fail and I always feel comfortable. The dress is the original Josephine that I made many moons ago: tights from country road: cardigan from kmart: boots from my mum!!!! Thanks mumma - I love you so much!

As promised I have already watched episode 1-8 of gossip girl & eaten too many licorice allsorts. I was in my PJ's by 3pm this afternoon and will probably be in bed by 8pm... Time to catch up on some down time.



  1. I love your dress! Is that style still available in your etsy shop? Enjoy your break xx

    1. Hello :) Neither are available in my etsy shop right now, but I plan to make them both available when I return from my break. If not as custom orders, then definitely as ready to ship... Thanks so much for your interest xoxoxo

  2. Ooooh that new dress style is lovely. enjoy your break, recharge those batteries and tell your mum she has great taste in boots ( my mum just turned up with the most darling brooch in the world- they know us sooo well!) melx