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Thursday, May 17, 2012

healthy, shiny boobies??

This week I have finished the most gorgeous batch of dresses. Some of my very favourites of all time. I will be sending these off in the post today... If you would like your own custom naughty shorts dress I will be updating the shop tomorrow morning... And if you can't wait that long, I think that there are a couple available still...

This weekend I am heading to Bunbury for groove-in-the-moo!! It has been at least a year since I last enjoyed a festival, so look out! I am planning on having a flat out fun day! 

Coming up I have a new outfit to show off and my little give-away to offer. I just need someone to take a few pictures for me... 

On the home front, my little person has a cold. She is completely gorgeous and snuffly. Yesterday I was getting dressed and she asked me - mummy are those your boobies?, they are so healthy and shiny! - Best compliment ever from a two year old. I mean, doesn't every lady want healthy, shiny boobs?? She is so sweet.

Off I go - upstairs and then to the post-office...


  1. Haha! My almost 2 year old followed me from the shower the other morning and said, "Where are your boobs Mum?" she then said, "Ooops, called breasts" haha! Out of the mouth of babes!

  2. These are so beautiful!!
    But then, they always are....

    Have a great day!

  3. Ooo, love those dresses - kicking myself I missed out on that peach & brown floral fabric :( But I know mine will be fabulous anyway.
    Aren't our kids hilarious? The other morning on Mother's Day my 6 month old decided to say "Dada" and then my 5 year old called out for me to check that his bum was wiped properly - bending right over to show me - Oh, they are so precious :)

  4. Hee hee...made me chuckle, what a compliment :o) I lurve your dresses but am waiting till I'm not pregnant to buy one - you do post to the UK don't you???? Can't wait, love your blog xx

  5. Oh the things I could share.... My youngest has had so many I am sure i could fill a book!
    Her latest the other day, while we are talking boobies,we were in the shower and she, 5, asks, so where is your hole in your boobie mum? What? I asked... You know the hole for the milk to come out of for babies.... Oh, I replied well theres actually lots of little holes not just one hole... hmmm she says, how do you know? Well because I saw when I was breast feeding you that there wasnt just one hole but that the milk comes from a few little holes.... She then says very matter of fact, Wow that would have been a bit scary, Mama should have warned you about that when you were little! (lol...gotta love the way they think!
    The other daughters funniest thing ever was when we were talking about insy and outsy tummy buttons when she was about 3....after some thought and trying to figure out what I meant she got the "Öh I know what you mean" look and came out with....Oh right I understand now, like you have an insy fanny and daddy has an outsy fanny....HILLARIOUS!

  6. Gorgeous dresses, Bec. Have to share a classic from my daughter who asked me one day 'Why do you have fur on your vagina, is it to keep it warm?' Perfectly logical for a then 3 year old, my response took a while coming as i was in stitches! Love the things that they come out with, have to start a little book to write them all down, tho dont think i will be forgetting that one! xx

  7. Healthy shiny boobies, I haven't heard that one before.
    All those pretty floral dresses, you have been very busy.

  8. Miss poppy loves cuddling and blowing raspberries on my chest. Pretty embracing at seven in the morning while having cuddles in bed as she's singing boobies, boobies, boobies. The creative imagination of a two year old.

  9. Haha! This made me laugh! Truly, best compliment ever!

  10. Your little one is too too funny! Yes, every woman wants healthy, shiny boobies! I'm excited to see your new items in your shop tomorrow. I'll definitely have to check it out!

  11. seriously, cuteness overload right here. love your latest batch of dresses you beautiful woman. hope your weekend is spectacular and that festival rocks your socks. looking forward to seeing this outfit. xx

  12. ps. love the new simple black header. bangin'. x

  13. Oh Bec....From the mouths of babes indeed....!!!

    LOVE your dresses as always & I have to agree with K&N but I might go with 'bitchin'....**wink**....!!

    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Tamarah :o)

  14. I want my ENTIRE wardrobe to look just like those photos! Clever lady! AND with shiny healthy boobies too! :)