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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

mid-week happenings...


Happy Wednesday gorgeous people! Guess What... I won lotto last night! No, not the jackpot, but the happy sum of $23.45!! Woohoo!! I quickly hot-footed it around the corner from the newsagents to the pharmacy to invest in the most awesome winter socks going. I then decided to take the rest of the day off work (who cares that it was already 3pm), pick up the little from daycare and head out for afternoon coffee and cake. Marvellous! So now I have indulged in late arvo coffee, I might stay up late sewing again... 

I have 10 dresses all at different stages of completion. I hope to have them all finished by Friday - maybe a tiny bit ambitious but that is just how I roll...


Congrats to gorgeous miss Annika who won the naughty shorts giveaway over at her library adventures.  This lady has the cutest blog full of lovely diy's. Go check her out!



  1. Aww good on you! Good things are coming your way, you must be on the right path x Love ya socks!

  2. Oh oh naughty shorts has fabulous socks. If I won lotto the first thing I would do is buy socks too, always a sound investment!!!!
    Yay. Love v

  3. What an excellent use of your win, those socks rock and the time spent with your wee one - invaluable. Glad you are getting some happy in your life xxx