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Sunday, December 18, 2011

we are going on an adventure...

Eeeeep! The countdown is over. Tomorrow we leave our Southwest home and we head North to our new life in the area unofficially nicknamed cyclone alley. We will be spending 2 nights in Perth before an early morning start and a 5 hour drive to Geraldton. The next night will be spent in Carnarvon and the night after that we will be in a transit house in Pannawonica. Our furniture and belongings will be a week or more behind us, so we wont be moving into our new home until the 29th. 

To keep me going I have packed a crafty bag of tricks full of hand sewing projects for while I wait for my sewing machines to arrive. I have a stockpile of magazines (refraining  from opening the latest frankie till we hit the road) and a pile of goodness waiting for me (hopefully) at the Pannawonica post office. I Can't wait! It really will be like Christmas!!

Farewell house. So long studio. Goodbye coast.

Speak to you soon!!

Bec x


  1. hope you enjoy your adventure! merry christmas, see you on the other side.


  2. All the best for your new and exciting adventure Miss Bec. I can't wait to see what Pannawonica has in store for Naughty shorts! Or is that vice-versa?


    Dee x

  3. Best of luck lady. Such an exciting time, I hope you make happy memories!

    xo em

  4. Hoping yu have a smooth transition, would love to see your handmade projects once you have moved in. hoping your lovely dresses are back in production soon.... saw some copy cat ones today but they were just no where near as nice as yours.... definitely nothing to worry about xxx

  5. Good luck with the adventure you're about to embark on.
    I like the look of that bag of tricks, filled with all those vintage goodies.
    Love the new blog header too. x

  6. Ah, I LOVE adventures!!! Enjoy the journey! Bianca x

  7. Fair thee well! I adore your bag of tricks and reading selection, looks like many hours of crafty and inspiring fun :) xx

  8. Oh Bec I'm SO BEHIND with everything....I popped in for a visit earlier in the week & was distracted within minutes & had to scoot off again....!!

    I can't believe you're leaving already....I'm sending you BIG HUGS & wishes for a HAPPY Christmas....Hopefully we'll get to 'see' you again before the end of the year....!!

    TRAVEL SAFE....!!!!!

    Tamarah xxx

  9. all the best beautiful for safe travel to your new home. sending lots of love and luck your way for a lovely christmas too. looking forward to hearing all of your news when you begin to settle. here's to an amazing 2012 for us both. XXXXX

  10. Happy travels - I love your Bag Of Tricks!

    Sarah xxx

  11. Bec,

    You might remember me from a few months back- Michelle from Pannawonica, sounds like I might be able to honor my invite for coffee and baked goods soon!! Once you are in transit and feeling a bit bored (won't take you too long to investigate town!) I'ld be pleased to meet you- my kids are on school holidays so the house will be full (5 blessings!) Anyway, I'd give you my details but seen as this is an open forum I'll give you the email address for the Panna Gecko (Pannawonica's Community Mag, I'm the editor) pannagecko@hotmail.com
    I'll keep an eye out for you and yours-
    Safe travelling and know you are most welcome here!!

    Michelle x

  12. Wishing you all the best!

    I just love your bag of tricks!

  13. Good Luck and Happy Christmas. Keep meaning to tell you that I love my brown and orange dress probably most out of my 3! I am wearing it today. Not colours I would have picked but it really suits me and fits perfectly.

    Anyway enjoy the adventure, change is always good, new places to discover etc.


  14. wishing you lots of luck on your new journey,happy christmas and have lots of FUN :) x x x x x x x x x

  15. Safe travel for you and your gang Bec and looking forward to seeing the handmade treasures you knockup and also seeing the sheet stash of all stashes arriving safe and sound. melx

  16. Are we there yet?

    Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures in Pacca Wacca!

  17. Have a safe one ok? =)

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.