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Friday, December 9, 2011

our days are numbered....

This weekend I am heading to Perth to spend some time with family and close friends before we start the drive to Pannawonica. Planned is a Sunday breakfast with my besties, a family dinner on Monday night, and a date with ikea to pick up a few essentials for the new pad.

This week I have been finishing the last of my outstanding orders and conducting the final edit of our belongings. I am no longer stressed about storage and it has indeed been liberating and cleansing culling the less important clutter from around my home... I have culled some fabric, but not much, they are way too important to me and my business...(you might be interested to know that my sheets have been insured for nearly $13000.00 WTF!).

As they say, out with the old and in with the new. Today I treated myself to an extremely gorgeous floor pillow from Bonnie and Neil. It might seem ridiculous to be nesting just days before we move, but knowing that everything has its place is making the culling easier and the move seem less daunting. The pillow is just what I needed to pull my lounge together. It makes the space feel comfy and inviting without being warm and cosy... (which I am trying to avoid seeing as we are moving to one of the hottest places in Australia!!)

Well I am not sure how often I will be in touch between now and the road trip. There are only 5 days left to enter my end of year giveaway. If you haven't entered yet please take a look. Remember that spreading the word via your blog will gain you two extra entries - Your help sharing the love will be so much appreciated!!

That's it!  I'm off!! I hope you have a great weekend. The best weekend ever even!

Much love, Bec x


  1. I know it's the last days at your current home but I am loving the glimpses! Love your new cushion, very cool! Please post some interior shots once you get settled in again :)xx

  2. I recognise that chair!x ok, i think your mum's name is Suzanne. That's what I'm gonna call her unless you correct me!Is it wrong?xx

  3. I am the 98777th visitor to your blog,I'm kinda pleased about that. $13000 that is friggen unbelievable but awesome. Hope you have a fabulous road trip. I am hanging out for a road trip to the Top End. Travel safe Xx