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Friday, December 30, 2011

hello old friends!

We made it! Here we are in Sunny Pannawonica. It was a warm welcome, literally, as it reached over 48 degrees for the first three days in a row. Nothing could have prepared me for that sort of dry heat. Our last stop before we reached Panna was Nanutarra road house, about 140km away. The themometer read 50 degrees! As soon as I stepped out of the car I felt my eyes sting with the heat, and I actually felt feint. I used the restrooms there, and I can honestly tell you that the toilet paper was hot on my bum. HOT TOILET PAPER!! Seriously!

I was so relieved to reach the township and unpack into our transit house. This would be home for one week until our stuff arrived. The house was a cute renovated fibro and it suited me perfectly! Unfortunately after a power outage our air conditioner stopped working. It was so hot that Levi spent the first night sleeping on the floor next to the open front door, trying to catch anything that resembled a cool breeze. 

The days since then have been around a mild (in comparison) 38 degrees. And with the air-con working the heat really is not a problem. One problem, perhaps, will be the warm balmy evenings, and the temptation to spend the late afternoon indulging in a few cold drinks... It seems lately I am easily persuaded... I am sure that once my sewing machine is set up again and the silly season has past us by, things will return back to normal. 

Anyway, I have a few instagram pics of my new town, the drive up here and our twiggy Christmas tree.... I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to bringing you a few pictures of my new home in the days to come.

BY THE WAY - I am  very much looking forward to spending a few hours checking in with all of my favourite blogs and saying hello. So happy to have the Internet back!! I hope you all had a splendid Christmas!! Mwah!


  1. Wow...love your new Header! Lucky it's cool, as at the moment, it sounds like you are not...50 degrees??? Sheeesh! Good luck in your new digs. Your pics are fantastic.

  2. FIFTY degrees?? ack! (i'll bet no one dares to get pregnant up there! haha)

    pleased you're beginning to get settled in.

    ps i'm doing a very small run of dolls before the baby comes (probably my last lot for a wee while) so let me know if you want to be included! :)

  3. Oh my, 50 degrees, that's crazy.
    The landscape is amazing and so dramatically different to what you must be used to.
    Good luck with finding the right spot for all your belongings in your new place.
    Happy New Year to you and your family. x

  4. oh my! I'm sorry but that sounds awful, I am not good with heat :( Glad to hear the air con is now working though, sounds much more liveable! Yay for having the internet back too :)

  5. Oh Gawd! You are going to start hanging out for that sea breeze in the afternoon to do anything outside. Imagine the days of no air-con in those parts?! Sure does make for great instagram photos though :)

  6. gah! HIIIIII ! welcome back!

    What a fabulous insight into your big move, I can't believe it was actually THAT hot. Filthy.

    Look forward to seeing your new home all set up

    xo em

  7. Yay congrats on making it to panna! Happy new years and here is to a fantastic 2012! Xxx

  8. happy nEW yEAR bumbles!!! hate to tell you that it actually rained here last night... miss you so much already XXX
    Love Ash & Quinn

  9. Oh Bec....So pleased to hear you made it SAFE & sound....!!!

    Thank Heavens you're aircon's up & running again 'cause it sounds like it would be close to unbearable otherwise....!!!

    Looking forward to sharing 2012 with you....!!!!!

    Happy NEW YEAR,
    Tamarah xxx