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Saturday, December 3, 2011

joy to the world...

This morning I found my Christmas mojo, after gazing upon a most beautiful project from none-other than the sublime 'dottie angel'....

I have to confess that last year I did not bother with Christmas at all. No tree, decorations or presents. This year we will have just moved into our new home in Panna, so I want to make the Christmas day special for the three of us and start a few new traditions. Especially as miss Zavian is two now, and I want to create special memories for her.

Now, dottie angels project is for a 'terribly nice table runner' but I decided to make a wall hanging instead. It is still a work in progress, a few finishing touches are needed, but since making it I have gone back to gaze upon it a few times and I am quite chuffed with how it has turned out. I think I will be making a few others to be its friend...

This morning we headed to the beach so Levi could catch some abalone. Tonight we will enjoy a seafood feast with friends on the back porch. Summer has arrived!

Bec x


  1. I totally love the colours that you have used, some people would have just gone for the seasonal red. Its really gorgeous.

  2. Oh my, you did a great job, it looks so pretty!!
    I really love to make pillowcovers in this style, but i don't have time for it this coming month...it's a project for January...i hope it will be as nice as yours or Tif's....;-)

    xxhave a nice weekend

  3. Very lovely! I bookmarked this project too..but doubt I'll have the time this year. Maybe next. Still so much to do. Glad you found your christmas mojo!

  4. oh THAT is just delicious!!! (i saw the D.A. runner too and drooled for a good 10 minutes over it)

  5. very simple ... and very nice xx :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. ooops! sorry about that, messed up on my spelling on the first comment :)

    oh that is 'terribly nice' indeedy! love it and i love the fabrics and colours, the underneath runner is tres peachy and makes the perfect wallhanging :)
    wishing you many joyful crafty moments this christmas

  8. Hey Bec, i did have time to make a
    joyfulness-day two-happy hanger...and i added a link to your joyfulness-day one-wall hanger, hope you are ok with that?


  9. wow so lovely, I am itching to do some of Tif's crafting now, you have made a lovely job :) :)
    x x x x x x

  10. Love your project- gorgeous and good luck with creating all those beautiful traditions. And ploughing through that beautiful pile of dresses. melx

  11. Your work is so happy and quirky. I love this!