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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Freakin out....

I have spent the day with my mum, going through every box/drawer/shelf/cupboard/nook in my house. Eliminating the junk and finding homes for the stuff I plan to keep. I thought we were doing really well. I was starting to think that maybe, just maybe, we would manage to fit all of our belongings from our 4x2  plus studio into an older style 3x1 home.... That was until Levi sent me a pxt of the built in robes in our new house... Excuse me while I hyperventilate.

There is no freakin way it's going to fit...

Oh, and did I tell you we might be moving next week??

I am going to have to make a few tough decisions, me thinks. I know its just stuff, but I am a collector. I have been gathering these precious things, imagining them one day in my 'forever home'... It's going to be sad but I have to let go of some pretty awesome stuff. If you live around the Dunsborough area and you are partial to op-shopping, keep your eyes peeled for some treasures...

In other news, I have made another dottie angel inspired wall hanging. I gave a pink cardigan a 'green button' make-over & tomorrow and Friday will be my last days sewing before we move...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Should probably get myself into bed to catch some crucial Zzzzz's. I hope I don't have nightmares about storage or suffocating in a mountain of vintage bed sheets...

Bec x


  1. That is absolutely the hardest part of moving, that you have to let go of things...each piece in your house is 'yours' and is telling a story and you want to keep it and you probably can't live without it and...i know how it feels.

    But believe me, sometimes a 'change of stuff' is good.
    And if you can make other people happy with it, that's a beautiful thought ;-)

    I looooove your Dottie-Angel-Wall=Hanging-Thing!

    so, keep on breathing and succes!!!


  2. Every house move I've gotten rid of pretty stuff, but I think having the space is more important. I still have boxes in the garage that I wished I'd just donated, now they are hard to access and taking up precious space! Having said that there have been quite a few items I've let go that I've regretted later on. Hope the move goes smoothly for you xo

  3. oh sweetie i am so feeling for you! oh it's so hard i know...
    i am already starting to edit/audit our possessions for our next move in march - no leaving everything til the last minute this time! did i mention that our new flat is just one room. not a one-bedroom flat, the whole thing is just one room, with a shower in the corner, a kitchen sink at one end and a bed at the other! i am being so harsh in my culling.
    i have had lots of experience with this - i feel like i've moved 100 times, but it's probably actually a few dozen times, and i'm not even that many years old yet!
    i still think back on things that have long since passed on to other homes and often think... gee i wish i'd kept that... but it's glaringly obvious to me by now that if i had kept every item i miss, i would need to live in a warehouse-size Salvo's store, not in cute little hobbit-holes.
    and i love my hobbit holes.
    aah, the laws of 3-dimensional space - what a bitch.
    but in the end what we really want is a happy home. i believe you have everything you need to make that bec - you are awesome!

  4. oh it makes me nervous just thinking about it. your collections look beautiful and i love these photos. good luck with it all, moving out is always so crap, moving in is usually pretty fun though! x

  5. Such pretty photos of your house. I thought I recognised the wall hanging style, I was just admiring the tutorial on dotti angel yesterday, Yours is beautiful.
    Oh wow you dont have much time before you move, our move to Orange is about 4 weeks off and i'm worried about all the stuff that still needs to be packed, sorted and cleaned before we go. Its amazing how much 'stuff' collects and seems to breed lol.
    Good luck with it all. x

  6. Best of luck for the culling- it is so hard to do. Maybe your mum can look after some things for you? Wishing you much ease for the move. melx

  7. oh darling! you are doing amazingly well. onwards and upwards remember? i am currently reading pia's book and it's wonderful for the heart of a collector. 'i want to take it all with me, i want to surround myself with my things. but there is no space in my suitcase, and anyway, there is no time to linger here, in the past, which will one day find itself in my future.'i too have culled significantly to allow myself to move forward, but i haven't stopped collecting things along the way. it's the way we motivate and inspire ourselves. but lightening the load is refreshing too. best of luck beautiful, stay in touch and get yourself on instagram! love love love!