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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The waiting game...

If you are waiting for your dress to arrive in the mail, I can sympathise, I am waiting too.

When I look at the total amount I have spent in the last month in my ebay account - I am surprised that I haven't had a mountain of packages on my doorstep everyday!! Anticipation!!

...at least a few new books have arrived.

And while I wait, I sew...
This little pretty is off to Frankie headquarters!! Petticoat not included.
but secretly I wish i could keep it...
Do you love the apricot bias trim?
NOW THIS dress I can keep - it is mine all mine :)
...and so is the belt, a gift from a very talented local lady named Naomi - she is a star!!
Look! there's that petticoat again :)
AND POCKETS!! Woohoo!!
Elle doesn't look very happy in this pic, does she?
...and more dresses - all ready to go off to their new homes - YAY!!

That's all for now. More when my packages arrive, I promise!

Bec x


  1. Not only do I love love love your dresses, I see that you have great taste in caravans!!! We just bought a 1960's Sunliner ( think little bubble on wheels!!!)