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Thursday, March 17, 2011

a no-sew day...

Yesterday I made myself sick from exhaustion. It was about 3pm when I realised that I was feeling a bit feint, and then my temperature went up, and I started to feel a bit precious... I have made myself like this before, pushing myself to far trying to achieve too much when I was pregnant with Zavian, so I recognised what was going on, and I prescribed myself a hot bath, an early night and a day off from sewing...

I don't think I have told you yet, that I have bought us a new dining table! A nice big one! And it is arriving tomorrow. So first on my list for my no-sew day was to recover my dining chairs - found on the side of the road during council pick-up - I knew that they had potential. And my stack of vintage tea towel and table cloths finally have a purpose :)

My table is 2.2 metres, the length of my 50's church pew that we will have on one side of the table, so I will probably knock out a few tea towel pillows to rest on the pew. I will take some pics once I am happy with how its all set up - Can't wait - YAY!!

So, you may or may not know that I am shutting up shop as of MONDAY, just for a short break, I am taking my mum and Zav to Melbourne for the Finders Keepers Market and to visit Levi's sister (My sister in-law). We will only be gone for about a week, so please don't worry if you don't hear from me for a while...

Before I leave I am going through ALL of my orders (holy cow guys there are ALOT) and putting name tags on all of the fabrics that are ordered. I am making sure that I haven't over-sold anything, fingers crossed! I am also thinking that a few fabrics that have been marked as sold out might MIGHT actually make a re-appearance, once I get through the existing orders and find I have enough left for another dress!! So keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Okie Dokie - so if you are here for the vintage and the pretty - and NOT for the baby stories feel free to tune out now...

Being a mum means not being very surprised when you discover that your magazine is full of broccoli, and it also means finding picture frames sitting in the bottom of the toilet bowel...

...Zavian loves the washing machine, and I now know that I have to check the washing machine EVERY time I need to wash a load, for mobile phones and remote controls etc; She also loves playing with the dials on the washing machine - if you have a lovely modern front loading machine you will know that you DO NOT under any circumstances touch the dials mid wash unless you are happy to start the cycle from the very beginning...which Zavian made me do about four times today!! Being a mum also means lots of stinky nappies but THREE in one day, I was over it, and this afternoon was the first time I just took her out back and hosed her little bum clean in the back yard....

I have gone on long enough.

I hope you are safe and happy and well wherever you are.

Bec x


  1. the chairs look FABULOUS! Well done.... I make cushions out of old hessian potato sacks,..and vintage teatowels,...gorgeous indeed! have great trip xx

  2. I hope you feel better. We sewers need to take time off too. I Love those chairs. They are SO cute. Could I put a photo of them and a link in my blog?

  3. Hi sewcountrychic, please feel free to link away :) Thanks for the well wishes x

  4. Those chairs of yours look brilliant!

  5. I'm having a very 'small world' moment. Was just reading Frankie when I came across a small feature on your dresses. I popped over for a look, scrolled down and then saw a pile of sheets that were only a couple of weeks ago sitting on my own dinning table. I hope you like them all, it was fun sending so many to one place. I'm also really glad I found your blog, good stuff all round. Have fun at Finders Keeps.