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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First in Best dressed!! More new fabrics :)

Just Arrived!! Fresh new fabrics - just updated on my fabrics page...

Due to the fact that I am starting to pay a bit more for some fabrics to keep my stash looking lush and keep up with demand, I have started to divide my fabrics across a few different price brackets, starting at $70.00 per dress, up to $90, at the moment, with a few pricier ones arriving soon.

My prices will be a direct reflection of the cost of the fabric.

The pretty little stacks are samples for flower girl dresses that my friend Ash and I will be making for an upcoming wedding.

I will be taking some more yummy stack photos soon, for all the brides out there who need a little inspiration.

Must. Go. Sew!

Bec x

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