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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm a lover, not a fighter!!

Hi all! I hope you all enjoyed a marvellous weekend.

The highlight of my weekend was tropfest at the madfish winery on Saturday night... We watched the 16 finalists in the worlds biggest short film festival, and it was truly entertaining.  This was my favourite... the story of the first man on the moon...

Not so entertaining was waking up in the morning with swollen glands and a mild case of mastitis - so I am currently being a non achiever, on the couch, watching TV and snuggling my small person...


Bec x


  1. yeouch,.. mastitis is a killer,... get thee into a hot shower and massage, massage, massage,.... and get antibiotics before it gets too bad,...(trust me,..after 3 kids, i have had mastitis more times than your average jersey cow:()

  2. Ha ha, thanks miss Jane - the shower has been my saviour today, doctor tomorrow, me thinks!

  3. i wanted to go to this festival but we were away...


    oh and yes, get on top of the mastitis...I left it too long with my first son and ended up in hospital with a cyst....not telling you to be scary, just sending the warning! it's horrible!

    Gill xo