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Monday, March 21, 2011

...this little piggy went to market!

Hi party people!!!! I have shut up shop and packing my bags for Melbourne. Woooooooohooooo!! The plan is to leave first thing tomorrow morning... but I can't find my drivers license or my passport! Shit!
How will I get on the plane???

I have been making new REVERSIBLE sashes!!

...new dresses sent  to their new homes - bye bye my lovelies xo
Weekend shopping at the Lions Shed unearthed this old hospital bed for only $20.00
I have set it up in the spare room as a day bed...

This pile is ALL of my orders - as of Saturday night at least...

...which means that I have two cupboards - just like this one - packed to the brim with AVAILABLE fabrics!!
Hooray!! I know you were all getting a little fed up with the lack of available fabrics...

LUCKILY!! I managed to send off ALL of the dresses I had planned too this afternoon! Yay!! One less thing to stress about.

Do I have plenty of clean undies? Check. Hmmm, what else... I had better get to packing my bags, 'tis late and I have so so so much to get done.

GUESS WHAT!!! I went through ALL of my orders and I have discovered that I have LOTS of fabric that I have yet to list on my blog. About 50, yes FIFTY!! or maybe even more :) and certainly not less!!
I am going to upload all of my fantastic and DELICIOUS new fabrics - yum yum - onto my blog on the eve of my shops GRAND RE-OPENING!!! Probably on the 30th of March.

Stay tuned for details - you know how it goes - FIRST IN BEST DRESSED.

 I am going to shop my heart out at the finders keepers !! and I would love LOVE love to hear of your favourite places to shop in old Melbourne town!! PLEASE TELL ME!!

Sorry for yelling so much - I am  SO EXCITED!!

I hope you have the BESTEST week ever. Talk to you soon.

Bec x


  1. Wowee, your dresses are unbelievabley awesome!! I completely heart that green one. Also, loving the new/old daybed - great cushion display!!

  2. Just found your blog and think your dresses are wonderful. I would love to enter your competition to win one, I just got a lovely red retro cruiser bicycle called Queenie for my birthday and riding Queenie in one of your dresses would be bliss. Will be waiting to put an order in as soon as you are back from your exciting travels. I am over at bungalowbliss.blogspot.com if you want to meet Queenie.

  3. Anymore of that green material left bec? i want one!!

  4. Sorry miss!! that dress was one of a kind - just like yours :) How are things going? x

  5. get out! $20 for that bed. i love it . . . and your frocks too.

    found you via frankie and enjoying having a look around.