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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday I found out that the latest twilight movie was playing at the open air cinema. I missed out on watching it while it was at the cinemas in the big smoke, so I rescheduled my crafty date with my crafty friend for tonight so that I could make it... 

I love everything about drive in. The echo of the speakers, the grainy quality of the picture and the romance of the notion. The Panna drive in is particularly special. I imagine that it's unchanged since the 70's. Perched on the edge of town, with views of a red dirt landscape and a starry sky untainted by city lights. A hot breeze floating off the desert and a not a mozzie in sight makes for a magical evening... 

We have already been out to play this morning and the temperature is soaring. Another day of drawing pictures and watching movie's and taking it easy in the air-con. Seeing as we are spending another lazy day around the house I thought I would share a few the links I have been enjoying this week...

Loving this pretty valentines day D.I.Y
This freebie desktop calendar on this truly beautiful and new-to-me blog
A tasty recipe for Zucchini bread 
this fun print is currently at the top of my wishlist...
(a wish list that is growing with every second I stay on the computer...)

have a wonderful Sunday xoxoxo


  1. i am so jealous that you have a drive in!! i would LOVE to go again. i haven't seen one since i was little. what a cool thing to have in your town!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!! It's too cold for a drive-in right now, but that sounds FUN! And Twilight no less!