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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello lovers!

Valentines day?  I have to confess that we are doing absolutely n.o.t.h.i.n.g to celebrate this grand occasion. Whilst I am in a relationship it is currently lacking in the 'romance' department and it has been since we both stopped sleeping and enjoying ourselves to look after our precious small person...*

But do not feel sorrow for me! I still have passion in my life but it has taken a different shape, is all. My passion?? Is fabric. Be still my heart. Despite project D-stash, last night I trawled the Internet in search of a fabric fix, which I found in the form of musty coloured, nubbly textured barkcloth... I bought up big. It is my opinion that no patch-work project is complete without a little texture, and indeed I have patchy plans for what I have purchased...

I do have a fair stash of barkcloth already, so in the spirit of reconnecting with my fabric I thought that I might share with you my existing collection...

So no. I am not creating any cute 'vignettes' of hearts and cupids etc. (although you could see a really lovely one over here)... Rather I am wrapping parcels, cutting dresses and planning for the week ahead. Tonight we will be eating the left over Lamb roast from Sunday night and we will probably fall asleep on the couch watching the box...

I hope you are having a fabulously loved up day though...

Rebecca x

* Please note that I thoroughly enjoy looking after my family very much and this is an attempt at being humorous... 


  1. *sigh*, fellow barkcloth addict - it's just that texture combined with blousy roses that gets me...what a gorgeous collection! :)

  2. Finding barkcloth makes me SMILE OUT LOUD....I LOVE your collection Bec....ESPECIALLY the horse piece....That one is PURE MAGIC....!!!

    I have my fingers crossed you both enjoy an uninterrupted evening of....Romance....**wink**....!!

    Tamarah xxx

  3. Oh my. This collection is so entirely SWOON WORTHY!!

    I'm swooning.

    Here's to more romance!!!

    Talia Christine

  4. My man is away so we miss the second valentines on top of the last two birthdays and anniversaries...the sacrifices you make in the military! I will be spending my evening stitching away making a present for a new baby in the family (not mine) so all is well :0) am very jealous of your fabric stash!

  5. Oh Bec, what a lovely Barkcloth collection! I am a wee bit partial to it myself!! Enjoy your "leftovers & chillin on the couch" evening! And I do hope you get an "op-shop" fix real soon! I live in a one op-shop town so when ever we go on a "road-trip" it's always filled with thrifting! (Just the way I like it!)

    Bless ya x

  6. Oh my, be still my beating heart......Love those fabrics. Can just imagine snuggling up to a lovely soft quilt made with any of these beauties. Now I need a lay down.x

  7. Hahahha we are the same. I dont really care so much for the big V day...although its always nice to get flowers. I accidently named my post today "February Love" with not even the slightest thought about it being the day of love ha ha thats how ignorant of it i am.

    I adore bark cloth too. I feel sorry for you...does your new town not have op shops?? I saw your lament about it the other day..not sure how i would survive either.

  8. Well, those fabrics look incredibly lovely. Very worthy of Valentine's day! I'm not one for grand gestures (neither is my boyfriend) - your Valentine's sounds perfectly lovely to me! :)

  9. insanely.jealous.

    but seriously, one question...can you ever bear to cut it?? or do you just store it??
    i don't think i could cut barkcloth.

    1. Yes! I love surrounding myself in it. Its hard to sell on though...

  10. Hey Bec,

    Glad to read i'm not the only one NOT celebrating Love today...
    I have a man who says "i really thought about buying you flowers
    but i didn't...isn't that a good thing?...that i at least thought
    about it?"

    uh...ok...cut the valentines crap. i just love him.


    You focusing on cutting such beautiful fabrics is good.
    And good for us that you blog about it :-)

    xxhave a nice day.

  11. How do you ever cut into your stash of gorgeousness! You should open a museum for all us fellow fabric addicts out there and we can all ogle it together whilst sharing tea and giant slices of cake! Valentines day is a non event here too. Rather share the love every day...ok most days ;) Hope all is lovely x

  12. Be still my heart! I have a serious case of envy happening right now :)
    Lovely stash.

  13. Lack of sleep doesn't do much for the romance does it but that fabric certainly makes up for it :-)

  14. Only this morning I was thinking of how bad my fabric hang-up is!
    I'm glad to know it's not just me...
    These are soooo beautiful....

  15. Obsessed with the horsey print! That is all :D

  16. Love the 'attempt at being humorous... ' xx