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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good morning!!

Last  night I chose a hot bath and an early night over crafty pursuits (and the dishes for that matter). The promise of a fresh bed made up with my finest sheets was to good to pass up on.

I fell asleep after a flurry of writing down thoughts in my notebook. Lately my brain has been in overdrive, thinking about the future of my business, my blog and plans for my home. I am constantly reaching for pen and paper to capture my latest thoughts. It must be rubbing off on the small person. The other day after I caught her scribbling over the pages of my journal  she looked at me triumphantly and proclaimed that 'she had an idea in mummy's book...' A future list maker, me thinks...

well, once again I have no huge plans for the weekend. Being up here means that there are no markets to visit or cafes to enjoy a lazy sunday breakfast. BUT not all is lost as I can make my own coffee with my fabulous stove-top espresso maker and I do have a crafty date with a rather lovely crafty lady who is coming over to play tonight.... lucky for me crafty lady is also a little bit gorgeous and has agreed to have a go at modelling some dresses for me eventually, so an awesome desert photoshoot is on the cards!

I will leave you with a few random pictures from my week... Have a good one xo

1. A storm rolling in, this is my incredible view from the edge of town...
2. Miracle brand play equipment at the park with gorgeous patina and texture...
3. A sneaky peak at a work-in-progress made from the pink and purple FQ's from Kel's last swap...
4. peachy owl friend with a dodgy paint job...


  1. A desert background with your pretty floral dresses would look amazing.
    and I like the look of those pink and purple FQ's. I wonder what it is..


  2. Australia is an amazing place, have fun with your crfaty friend

  3. I love the sound of a hot bath and clean sheets..have fun with your crafty thoughts and lovely fabrics x x x x x x

  4. no cool cafes or markets near my way either but thankfully the internet makes up for that ;)

    can't wait to see the photoshoot, should be amazing!