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Saturday, June 11, 2011

the paper trail...

I have been making 'vintage ephemera' altered moleskin journals...

Sewing on paper is fun and has sated my late night creative urges..

I am using vintage books, photographs, postcards, papers... The possibilities are endless!!

This week I have been wanting everything from this Etsy shop

...all these incredible etchings are from a clever lady in Lithuania.

Also drawing inspiration from Lisa Chow

Carrie Chau

Theatre Clouds

Now I just need to move into my own house, so I can put MILLIONS of holes in the walls, and collect all of the precious art I want...

One day :)

If you have any favourite artists and print makers, please share!! I would love to check them out.

Hope you are having a great Saturday morning,

Bec x


  1. "need to move into my own house, so I can put MILLIONS of holes in the walls, and collect all of the precious art I want... "

    I am with you there Bec

  2. Your books look like fun!
    Gorgeous illustrations :)

  3. Ooh I love stitching paper more than I like stitching fabric, really digging (gosh i haven't sa'd "digging" for about 20 years!!!) those notebook covers x

  4. Your moleskines look fantastic - what a great idea! I'm loving the links - thanks, they are all gorgeous :)

  5. Love your journals, they look great! Have you ever tried hanging frames and things using straight pins? You'd be surprised what a single straight pin can hold and leaves virtually no hole! =)

  6. I love the notebooks, they look so cute! You are so creative! I wear my naughty shorts dress all the time :)


  7. Hey GORGEOUS....!

    Hope you've had a FAB weekend....!

    You know I've been having issues for the last couple of weeks leaving you comments....Well I THINK I fixed it by installing Google Chrome....Lets see....

    Tamarah :o)

  8. Yayyyyyyyy....It WORKED....**sigh**....It REALLY is the little things....hahahahaha....!!!

    Your journals are GORGEOUS Bec....!!!!!

    Feel free to send me your secret stamina recipe....I'm sure I don't know anyone as creatively productive as yourself....!!

    Cheers from VIC,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. I LOVE Carrie Chau. I use her theme at the top of my iGoogle page.
    And can I recommend Meredith Gaston and Nathalie Lete as 'up there' too!
    Thanks for your links!