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Thursday, June 16, 2011

From me - to you - with love xo

Just a few of the dresses I have shipped this week...


Thank you so much for your patience. All of you wonderful ladies who are waiting for dresses... I am so happy to tell you that although I am right on 8 weeks wait at the moment, all new orders should be shipped within 5 weeks from now on! Hooray! I am slowly catching up...

...and this week I snuck in a couple of frocks for my small person - yay! If you like, you can find the pattern for  "the miss adorable frock" from 'sew la tea do' - the wonderful book from Pip Lincoln at meet me at mikes... she is the best..


Bec xox


  1. Mine is here and I love it so so much!
    Thank you so much - it was well worth the wait!

  2. I have just found you blog and WOW - those dresses are gorgeous. Am off to check out your shop right now!!