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Monday, June 6, 2011

Il bel far niente…”The Beauty of Doing Nothing”

...a new favourite!

...I sent off about 15 new dresses this week!!

...it was exhausting!

... but also very satisfying to see them all wrapped up ready to go.

I started to tidy my studio...

...AND I am happy to report that it is almost finished! Thank bloody goodness!!!!!

I have been sorting out my small pieces of fabric...

...pillow cases,

a fabric stack for my dear friend Jo (you will have this soon, I promise, xoxo)

fabric scraps, sorted by colour...

more pillowcases...

...and a cheeky gift for myself! I am in LOVE with this dreamy, dainty little necklace, found here
Late last night I was sitting up by myself, with a sleeping small person on my lap and a big person who had already gone to bed without me, and I thought what a perfect chance to watch a girly movie without any interruptions...

I downloaded "eat, pray, love" on the t-box, and settled in with leftover apple pie and a hot Milo. Good? yes!

Anyway, I am not going to go on about the movie BUT there was one scene that stuck with me, when she (Julia Roberts character) is in Rome, with her fabulous new Roman friends explaining to her that the Italian's favourite past time is doing NOTHING!!

How good does that sound?

I am afraid that I am a few weeks away from a day of nothing, at this stage....

Il bel far niente…”The Beauty of Doing Nothing” 

I am off to Broome for a friend wedding on the 22nd of this month. Maybe a few days on Cable Beach will sort me out.

Hope you are well and happy... and warm... Hello winter!!



  1. When can you come and help me do my messy room/s? LOL its bad reall bad i tell ya.
    Love the dresses I hope you get a good rest soon.
    Daughter is downloading that movie for me too gave her a list of I want to watch yesterday.

  2. yay!! thats my dress!! and they both arrived today and i love them! thanks heaps bec! was a nice suprise when i got home from work! hope you get a day off soon! love bec xoxo

  3. i adoooore that tiger one, i envy the person who snagged that fabric! and is that a new cut i see? i loove the cap sleeves :)