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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...just a few more dresses

Holy Moly Kids, what a week!!

I would love to report that I have spent the week soaking up the sun on Cable Beach, but sadly it just ain't true. It's not that the weather was not perfect -  believe me, it was. Unfortunately my small person came down with a terrible yuckness the day before we left home. A horrible, nasty, yuckness that has involved fever, coughing, ear ache, an upset tummy and a nasty whopping cold-sore on the side of her pretty little baby face... So sad.

It was so nice to visit the friends and family that we left in Broome all those years ago, but really all I think we wanted was to be home, in comfortable and familiar surrounds.

We flew in late yesterday, and drove through the rain in the middle of the night to reach home sweet home at around 2am this morning. It took copious amounts of coffee to keep me going on the long drive. I am now feeling a little bit beyond tired, and I am ready to hibernate for the rest of the year  day.

I have a lot to share with you once my energy returns. A new summer dress, new fabrics, new projects...

I hope you are all feeling rugged up and well - I love winter - but it is the season of the yuckness....

Talk to you soon.

Bec xxoxoxo


  1. Glad to hear to got home safely, wierd coldsore virus has struck this house too...yurk!

    Dresses are looking fab as always, going sheet buying this week if your in need. Will let you know what I find.


  2. Oh no, thats no good, I hope all is well in your house again soon :(
    Gorgeous dresses as usual, love the holly one too :)

  3. Oh dear. Can completely relate to your recent travels. Perhaps you would like to join my annual countdown until the first of September when evil germs go back from whence they have come. Almost bought a butterfly dress from you 2 weeks ago but waited as I was at work when I spotted it and then missed out- much cursing!

  4. Dress in photos 2/3 so lovely as is the Holly Hobbie type one in last shots. Will these be listed in your etsy store? Sorry to hear of sickness in family. No good at all. Get well. Stay Well

  5. Michele - all are custom orders that have been shipped, sorry! I plan to make some more ready to ship dresses soon... xo

    Bungalow - I hope you are feeling better too xo

    Estelle - i can't wait to see what you find for me!!!!!

    Allana - thanks for the well wishes xox

  6. my.heart.just.exploded. i want them allllllll! bring on summer (says a winter lover) so i can wear your dresses! woo!