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Monday, November 22, 2010

What have I been up too?

This week I have been looking after a grizzly Levi and a sooky Zavian.

Levi has a man cold, and we all know that that is the WORST EVER type of cold going and it has rendered him entirely useless... and after her first stint at daycare Zavian will not let me out of her sight... This has meant that I have not had a second to myself during the day and have been staying up a little bit too late so that I can sew in the evening. That along with trying to get Zav to sleep in her own bed has meant that I am VERY BLOODY TIRED!

The other night I actually slept for half of the night in the cot (not particularly comfy) trying to get my little miss happy in her own bed. I think I am probably averaging about 4 hours of broken sleep each night... Yuck!

On a happier note, I have had a very successful week collecting new retro sheets! Cleaned out one op-shop almost entirely with pillow cases at 20cents each!!! yay! and I enjoyed making some new flower pillow covers with yummy vintage fabrics and buttons

I found a huge stack of new sheets and pillowcases this week at the op-shop...

The blue one at the front is my new favourite. Such a shame there is only one pillowcase.

Oh, look who is running around my ankles, my little companion...

I love thinking about all of the possibilities... Found a great picture by whimsiedots who re-decorated their girls bedroom
using all reclaimed bed linens...

I bought some more pillow inserts so that I could display more than one pillow at a time, its nice to
see everything together...

This is my vintage flower pillow. Its so much fun to make something without a plan in mind, to just let go and
 be creative... I love this one and I am going to keep it, but I have made some others that will go up for sale in my etsy shop.

The ruffly layers add yummy soft texture, and random vintage buttons for handmade style... Do you like?

Remember In my last post I  was making that dress... What a nightmare! I don't understand the instructions and I want to give up on it and start again. The pattern has the most ridiculous button holes, and now I have my new sewing machine that sews me a perfect buttonhole, I think I will start again...

Bah! Stupid 50's dress. I MUST learn how to make it because I am simply going to explode soon if I can't wear a different 50's sundress everyday.

In other news, Zavian has broken my last pair of spectacles and I am going to have to sticky tape them back together so I can see when I am driving - As if i needed to look any more bedraggled!

Well I've gone on and on, time to go. I hope you are well and happy, wherever you are...


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