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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I finished a new blanket

This is one of the scrummiest yet!

Thank you so very much Jo for finding these amazing retro sheets for me!

I have listed it for sale in my etsy shop
I have made this for my mumma - just for fun.

It was inspired by this very clever lady - RobinsEggBlue
Well, the time has come and I will be buying a new sewing machine in the next few weeks - any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated - please let me know. Thanks so much to Michelle for letting me make use of your machine until I have my new one sorted out - you are the best xo

Levi is making apple crumble - and I am so tired - I think i will vegetate on the couch tonight...

Hope you are all well, wherever you are - Mwah!

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