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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

busy busy little bee

I have been collecting tea towels and linen tablecloths for a little while now, I have grand plans of making a queen size quilt for myself, cottage industry style.  I saw one in a magazine, but can't find a picture on the net to share with you, yet.

To get me started I have made a few kitsch tea towel cushion covers...

This is a new idea I am going to take a bit further - silhouette's of bunny's and foxes and squirrels? maybe? perhaps  should use native animals instead? I am so happy with how it turned out...

Any who, I have listed these for sale in my etsy shop... here

Coming soon - these cute little owl friends - drawn by me! what do you think?

I am so inspired at the moment. I keep finding stuff that I want to take home and do up - I can't sleep because of all the ideas spinning around in my head. I need to make sure I keep writing these ideas down - can't let them get away! This is a good time, right here, right now. 
Well, time to run, wherever you are I hope this finds you well and happy xox

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