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Sunday, November 14, 2010

dear family - i have been inspired

OK, attention family - Mum, Tess, Leone, Kalah, Aunty Sarah, Trudy, Cazzy, Jodie, Gabriella, Josephine, Rehan, even Jarden and Louis... if we can get you on board... And Sam and Lachie, if they want to...

Attention everyone else - maybe you should try to organise something like this with your family or friends - wouldn't it just be so worth it?

I want to start a new family tradition where each year or maybe twice a year, we each take the time to decorate a small patch of fabric that will later be sewn into a large patchwork quilt for one specific family member at a time until we all have beautiful, unique, heirlooms that we can treasure... Here is some inspiration...

Um, amazing...

See how there is so much amazing detail in each square. it would be way to daunting and time consuming to do yourself
but if we each do one square at a time, and then get an amazing treasure like this at the end of it
it will be so worthwhile.

...and the best part is that because we are all so different each little square will be a reflection of ourselves and
how we think of that particular family member. But it doesn't have to be symbolic, we can just go nuts...

I hope you guys are with me. I stole all of the above pictures from PROJECT PATCHWORK and there are loads more pics if you follow that link.

It will take us years to all get a quilt, but I think it will be a nice tradition to start. We can pull a name out of a hat to see who's quilt we will work on next, so that it is fair.

I will volunteer to be the piece putter-togetherer...

Let me know what you think OK xo

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