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Monday, October 11, 2010

Spring - picnic sets and nudie sunbaking in the back yard!

Now I know that I have been banging on about spring a bit - but it is hard not too when the weather is amazing and the birds are singing and there are ducklings running around in the back yard!

 ONE THING that I have learned with the change of the season is that it is impossible for one to catch a few cheeky rays in the back yard without ones top on when there is a hungry breast feeding baby in close proximity!!! Boy was she quick to swoop when I got my mammaries out and if I wanted to enjoy any second without her attacking my nipples I had to lay on my tummy.

WE have had a fun week enjoying the beach and the sunshine, catching up with freinds and family, and getting lots of sewing done.
Just one of the stunning beaches where I live in Australia's amazing Southwest
 Anyway - I am on the hunt for a picnic set - to enjoy Spring / Summer 2011  here are a few that I found...
Aladdin thermos and lunch box set is fro DJandPvintage

This little ripper is on eBay - already at over 100.00 bucks and out of my price range - but it is splendid.

Vintage Aladdin set with a fabulous tapestry design vinyl cover, available at closetphoto's Etsy shop.

 bright and cheerful mid century picnic set from SweetLoveVintage

I had a great sewing day today - I made two dresses. One from a cornflower blue Cotton Elastane blend and the other from a hemp french terry - So very happy with the results, but the camera's battery failed so no photo's till tomorrow maybe.

Also made another matching dress for Zavian (is there something wrong with that? matching dresses? Levi thinks so...)

ALSO studio is looking great, Levi has started fixing my chairs that I found on the side of the road, heaps of stuff around here is getting made over, WHOA heaps to go on about! Shit! I better get some sleep!

Mwah xoxox love you sis and hi to my new readers who i have never met - thanks for joining me - goodnight x

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