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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Naughty Needlecraft and Tantalising Tapestries

I want to learn a new skill. For when I am unable to work in my studio because of a certain naughty small person being awake or because sometimes I just want to be able to sit and sew something on my lap in front of the T.V.

This precious birdy is by MaMagasin but is SOLD! WHILE I WAS CREATING THIS LINK! You gotta be quick hey :)

This piece of work is by FoxandBrie  and last I checked it was still available...

This amazing quilt is what inspired me to try hand quilting for myself. It is made by Namoo and I think it is one of the most lovely baby blankets I have ever seen.

This is a needlepoint kit by Emily Peacock . I only just found her work after she produced and amazing tapestry with Rob Ryan - who is my hero...
This is the baby quilt that I made after being inspired by Namoo's baby quilt.

Details of my hand quilting in all of its wonky glory.

I am more than happy with the result - and I want to do heaps more of it! You can see more pics of what I have been working on here

This work of art is sewn by Marysgranddaughter. Everything she does is beautiful and this piece is at the very top of my wishlist.

I have just bought this book. Arrived in the post last week and I am yet to do any of the projects yet. It is called Doodle stitching AND I have just found out that the author Aimee Ray ALSO has an etsy shop called little dear
So now I have plenty of inspiration and a whole lot of enthusiasm, so all that's left for me to do is get my stitch on!


  1. What a great collection! Your hand stitched quilt looks amazing. Great work!

  2. Fabulous collection! Love it. Nice to find you ;)