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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Would you like to see some pictures from our trip to Queensland last week?

Levi and I cruising the streets of Brisbane town


Yummiest retro shop but I am sorry I CANNOT REMEMBER THE NAME OF IT!

Rainbow goodness

Awesome view from the Brisbane Wheel  - yes, we are very daggy tourists

I did a whole heap of op-shopping and I scored loads of good stuff so I will share that with you later...

More graffiti on walls in Brisbane...

Who does this stuff? I got a great book the other month about graffiti and I will share that later also...
My sewing machine is broken! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH!! getting it fixed at a Subiaco Elna dealer who hooked me up with a fantastic deal - so I hope that it is running smooth when I finally get it back home. So many projects on my mind.

I don't really like to follow projects start to finish without putting my own stamp on it BUT that being said I have found two projects this week that I simply must conquer!

Anna Maria Horner's punk rock inspired Union Jack-ish quilt for innocent crush - this will probably be my most ambitious quilting project to date...

Brilliant fox quilt from Sew La Tea Do - the follow up to Meet me at Mikes. Now I know that this  book isn't even released for sale yet - but Frankie magazine has published instructions in the latest issue - Yay! Thanks Frankie
I am also going to make a bunny version for my mumma who loves bunnies, and spotlight had a sale on which meant I got loads of calico and gingham for around 2 bucks a metre - Sorted!
I would love to know what you are making - send me a picture - or maybe a link,  if you feel like it - I hope you have had a lovely and productive week...
That's all for the moment xox


  1. Glad you enjoyed our lovely city! :)

  2. Thanks SS I should have asked you for a few tips before we headed over - oh well, next time xo