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Friday, October 8, 2010

re-upholstering and resurrection

I have a habit of picking up furniture on the side of the road. I LOVE council pick-up!! In fact my ONE wish  and the ONLY thing I insisted on doing for my birthday this year was visiting the local tip to see what I could find. The thrill I get from a successful scavenge is more, I'm absolutely sure, than the thrill I would get if i went skydiving. My heart rate picks up, my mind starts to race, I call all friends/family/mainly-my-cousin/anyone with a ute - HELP! EMERGENCY! DROP EVERYTHING! ... I've found another couch !

ha ha much to Levi's disgust this is an all too regular occurrence. BUT... have you SEEN BOKJA DESIGN before?? I am thinking about running away to tafe to learn re-upholstery so I can be a master furniture rescuer...



um... yummy


That's all - I am off to take more photo's of the recent things I have found/bought/saved etc;

xoxo Bec

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