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Friday, October 11, 2013

This week in pictures...

This week has been busy!

1. trashing my house with fabric. Nothing new.

2. Enjoying my new bathtub.

3. Choosing colours to paint my caravan.

4. Preparing to celebrate the '5000' likes milestone on the naughtyshorts facebook page
(I will be giving away a dress so head over and follow for a chance to win!)

5. Trying to be healthy again and head out on regular runs on my beach track.

6. Updating my fabric library

7. Always playing dress-ups with my vintage treasures.

8. Working on a new design....

We have picked up our fruit loaf from the Yallingup bakery so we are ready for our Saturday morning ritual of coffee and toast! Hopefully the sun will come out and we can spend some lazy time on the beach.

Happy Friday!

bec x


  1. Yes busy indeed and what a fantastic library it is too!! Love the last image of fab dress all very inspirational as I hope to be sewing my first ever dress soon... sadly cold and rainy here today. Happy Friday. Cx

  2. I absolutely love your dresses! You have inspired me to rescue vintage patterned sheets when I go thrifting!!


  3. That green fabric in the last picture is divine. Swooning over it. Lovely collection of pictures. Cx

  4. Very much liking that new dress design with sleeves, could be due for a new NS dress! mel x

  5. just loving those dresses over on fbx