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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I am actually home now. Hooray! And I feel incredibly exhausted, I think I may have picked up a bug on the plane home. I have a niggling cough and a slight temperature. I spent today in my pj's with my small person. Unpacking the treasures I bought overseas. Unwrapping the parcels that arrived while I was away. Unloading the car of all the thrifted goodness I found along the way... My beautiful little house that was so clean and neat to come home to, has exploded in chaos and colour! Happy mess, for sure, but I will have to find a home for it all eventually. 

Having all of these beautiful piles of fabric around is inspiring me to make and sew! I am itching to get stuck into it, but my sewing machine is still at the shop being serviced. I will pick it up tomorrow so I am planning a small project tomorrow night to ease me back into the swing of things. Maybe just a dress for my little lady or a cushion cover. Something I can start and finish in one night and get those creative juices pumping. 

It's so good to be home! 

Bec x


  1. Beautiful fabrics and beautiful photos.....liking the look of your blog to.

  2. It's always so lovely to be home after a trip all refreshed and raring to go! Hope you shake the sniffles soon!

  3. Lovely photos! Take care and hope you feel better soon! xx

  4. Such sweet photos!! Love all the colors!! :) xo Holly

  5. What a great stash. Where did you get all of those fabric gems?


  6. "My beautiful little house that was so clean and neat to come home to, has exploded in chaos and colour! Happy mess, for sure, .... " Ahhhhh, what bliss. Welcome home!

  7. hi! I read your blog fairly regularly, and I wanted to find out how you started, and I wanted to find out what patterns you use. I really like many of your dresses, and I sew, but I have a very hard time finding dress patterns I like...they all seem to be too "cutting edge", you know, "project runway" type stuff...not my style at all, yours either, from what I see!
    well anyhow, I've tried clicking on the "about" up on your blog's banner, but nothing happens(?)! so, if you could let me know, it would be awesome!
    thanx and have a beautiful day!

  8. Oh such happiness........look at all the beautiful fabric.........happy pretty dresses to be made.
    Love v