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Thursday, September 19, 2013

no place like home...

I am writing this blog post from my hotel in Bali!! I am laying on my comfy big bed editing some photos from the sugar shack and thinking about having a nap. It as been an amazing trip so far, with just two days left until I fly home.  Home sweet home. My holiday might nearly be over but there really is no place like home to relax. AND it would be a massive lie if I told you that I wasn't looking forward to getting back to work. I actually cant wait!

I will be returning refreshed and inspired, and perhaps with a few new tricks up my sleeve...

Talk soon!

Bec x


  1. Those stacks of floral linens have me smiling.
    There's nothing like a holiday to get you all refreshed and inspired. x

  2. Great photos..I always love reading your Blog

  3. You have simply outdone yourself with that beautiful yellow number. How beautiful!! Hope your homeward traveling is safe.

  4. I can not tell you how very much you inspire me. I was in an accident a little over a year ago that caused huge issues with my physical abilities. I have struggled with depression and hopelessness so much since then. Two things help me. I go to daily mass, hobbling on my cane, and when I get home, I make myself sew one thing. It lets me feel I have accomplished and created at least one thing that day, from a lady who has worked 50-60 hours every week for over 30 years to these limitations is so disheartening. BUT I found your blog and when you are in my inbox, it brightens my whole day. I love your work, your humor, your genuine nature. It's the butterfly effect. We don't know how one thing we do effects the whole world. You and your honesty and friendly chatter brighten the life of someone so hurt and despairing. God Bless you for what you do. I wish you peace and love every day of your life. Pat

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos Bec xx