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Thursday, September 26, 2013

cupcakes for my baby

While I was in Bali my small person was on holiday with her dad, exploring NZ. We spent three weeks apart!! I was planning on travelling to Mexico in that time to myself, but I developed a bit of anxiety at the idea of being SO far away from my baby. In the end I decided that Bali would be easier on me for our first time away from each other.  While she was in NZ she celebrated her fourth birthday without me, so today I decided that we would make birthday cupcakes together and let her be in charge of most of the making.

We made them on the kitchen floor, from a packet. It was very messy. We made little flags from toothpicks and washi tape. We made icing with a bit of red and a bit of yellow, which turned out a lovely sherbet orange colour. Zav was in charge of breaking the eggs, mixing, pouring and icing. Its probably a good thing we don't have any guests, because these cupcakes are full of eggshell!!

She came home that little bit more grown up. As they do. 

Bec x


  1. Beautiful! :) Love the washi flags! So cute! :)
    Eggshells are essential for such an experience!

  2. I have a compulsive (and unsuccessful) egg cracker here too. My recommendation is to have them crack the eggs into another small bowl first. Then you can surreptitiously remove eggshells as you pour them into the main mixing bowl. Cute flags too! :)

  3. yay. cooking with kidlets is the bestest!! love the washi tape flags!!

  4. Such a sweet story and I bet those egg-shell cupcakes tasted beautiful!