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Friday, January 25, 2013

Updates from the sugar shack

I am sitting at a table surrounded by parcels. I have finished all of the dresses from my pre-Christmas market and they are all now wrapped and ready to ship. My Internet is still a bit shoddy, so I have decided to close up the etsy shop again and start working on new ready to ship pieces that I will make available in about a month. I have found that not making custom orders gives me so much freedom, with my time and creatively, so it is the way I would like to go forward for now. I will of course take a few custom orders every now and then AND I have a couple of outstanding orders taken via etsy over the last few weeks that I will start next week.

I am off to the city for an Australia day party with some of my bestest friends. Another long day of pool side lounging, yummy barbecue lunches and listening to the countdown to number one on the radio. I made myself a dress for the occasion. I found this surfer man fabric at an oppy in Bunbury on my way home last week. I knew straight away that I NEEDED to have a dress made from it. Its super short, and has cute capped sleeves. Its fits perfectly and is just what I wanted. I love the style and I am sure I will replicate it again. Keep an eye out for my ready-to-ship pieces if you are interested in getting your hands on one.

I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow, wherever you may be. Lets hope it is a safe and peaceful day for everyone. Enjoy! Bec x


  1. I love that dress in the pink so much hon!!!! Hoping its my size :) Love Nerrine xo

  2. The surfer man dress is too cute for words! Have a fab time partying with friends over the weekend Bec. I'm hearing you ..... I can soooo relate to the freedom of not doing so many custom orders. Having the time to be more creative with dressmaking is heaven.

  3. Love the surfer man dress - so cute?!

  4. Your dress is so cool!
    Happy Australia day

  5. lol...that surfer man is on my sons bed at the moment....I found my set an an oppy still in the packet. such a great pattern. Looks super cute as a dress. Ours may just become boardies when the time is right.
    Allison x

  6. Love your cute little surfer dress, you are such a babe! mel x