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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

granny hangers and other stuff - oppy finds

I'm sitting at my dining table, enjoying the dappled afternoon sun. The windows are open and the breeze is carrying in the smell of a barbecue dinner from somewhere, maybe being cooked by one of my neighbors... The smell is making me hungry and bringing back memories of my long Australia Day weekend. Its the perfect end to a busy day of domestic chores.

I hit up a few op-shops on my way home from Perth yesterday. Once again I managed to find a car load of thrifted goodness. That is two weeks in a row!!  New crockery, fabric, nick-knacks and all manner of vintagey delights were piled high on my dining table.  Today was a perfect day to dust off my shelves, do a spot of re-arranging and find new homes for my lovelies.  In amongst the cleaning we made cupcakes, napped, drank tea and watched a movie. It wasn't far off from domestic bliss....

I was surprised to turn on the TV after a weekend of Australia day celebrations to learn about the Queensland flooding. My heart and thoughts go out to all of those affected. Please keep safe and look after each other. I will be looking at auctioning a dress for the purpose of fundraising in the near future. If anyone knows of a good fundraising host please let me know.

Bec x


  1. Oh those beautiful Johnson additions. and more pretty floral sheets to add to the collection.
    Sounds like a lovely day you've had.

  2. Love, love your crazy mix of eras and styles in the open shelving. Very inspirational so I pinned it. Hope that's ok. Cherrie

  3. I hear a whisper that kylie from 1 ruby road may be doing an auction x

  4. Great finds! Gotta love it when that happens! :)

  5. You have been finding great things lately! I love those granny hangers! So adorable!


  6. Hey Bec,
    I'm trying to arrange a auction over at my page 1 ruby road. I live in bundaberg and the devastation here is just massive! I'd love to have you on board!!
    Kylie xx

  7. Love your shelf full of goodies and that deer cushion is so sweet. mel x

  8. Sweet beans! Sorry for the late reply. email me xx

  9. I pinned your shelf :-) I'm a sucker for cute tea cups

  10. I always enjoy your posts the are the first I look at when I turn on the computer
    Such an eclectic mix !Keep up the good work. cheers Lyn

  11. Bec! I'm sorry for the late reply. Also shocked and elated at your latest news for me! Blimey! Email me - louisehoward33@hotmail.com. I love you xxx

  12. Only Just found you??
    Love your space and i plan to have a good catch up whilst I have a cup of tea.
    Emma. X