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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fabric update!!

Fabric update!! Due to technical difficulties I have had to upload all of my new fabrics to FB. Hopefully I will be able to get them on the blog soon. Enjoy xx

Hi there beautiful people!! Here is a link to the latest fabrics I have to offer for custom orders. Due to technical difficulties I have had to create an album on facebook to show them off. (for some reason I cant upload new pictures to my existing fabric page??) You can find the new fabrics here And you can find my existing fabric album here .

Ladies who purchased a custom dress spot at the pre-Christmas market will get first pick of the latest offerings!

I am currently sitting at McDonald's making use of the free wi-fi as my Internet , once again, is not working!!!! It is so loud in here I cant hear myself think and I have been hanging around for so long that I'm sure that the 'fast food stench' is going to be infused in my hair and clothes. Yuck. Not having the Internet at home makes checking my emails and responding to FB messages tricky so please be patient with me until this situation is again sorted out.

Phew. Time to pack up and go home. I hope you are all safe and well. Sending out thoughts and strength to anyone who is facing the danger of bush fires around this dry, hot land of ours. Bec x


  1. Hon I have commented on a fabric I love and hope to hear from you regarding a dress made in it :) Love Nerrine xo

  2. beautiful fabrics! hope you got some of those old school cookies, you know the ones when grimace was still involved? they really are the only good thing about mcdonalds. that and the free wifi!!

  3. Hi Bec
    I have found a fabric here that I would like for my custom dress please (instead of fabric No. 97 in your existing fabric album). Its a deluxe one so I might need to fix you up with more $ just let me know please. Janelle B.

  4. Beautiful fabrics. Will keep an eye out for when you are back on the net and place an order. What is the approx turn around time for an order to Sydney? Happy new year Naughty SHorts!

  5. Beautiful vintage fabrics Bec now I've had Tully I'm on the look put for my first naughty shorts dress. Can't believe two weeks ago I was pregnant. Now I need a new dress to feel like a stylish mummy again. Only problem which fabric to choose.

  6. Oh so many super cute fabrics! I just can't decide which one I want next! So excited!!
    Sophie x