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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

news from around here...

It is a sunny but cold winters afternoon here in the Southwest.  Me and the small person are inside near the fireplace being lazy and warm. It has been a very productive week already. I have numerous orders almost ready to post and a few ready-to-ship dresses that will be added to the shop next week.  Two wedding orders are underway and a new style is getting its finishing touches.

Last week the small person managed to smash my laptop. It is in the shop for repairs as we speak and I have my fingers and toes crossed that it can actually be repaired. I have had no computer for more than a week so hardly any access to the internet. Perhaps this is why I have been so productive??  I have borrowed my little sis's laptop for a short while so I can catch up on all of the emails that have been accumulating in my absence. If you are waiting to hear from me I pomise I will be getting back to you as soon as I can.

I am working on a temporary fabrics page. Right now I have all of my fabrics spread out over three locations, which is making life a bit tricky. The new page will have a selection of my old fabrics and a few special new ones. Hopefully I will have that sorted by tomorrow.

OK then! that's the news from around here.Hope you are well and happy,  wherever in the world you may be.

Bec x


  1. I wondered where you were! Oh dear! Hope everything gets sorted soon, these dresses are lovely as usual! Ada:)

  2. Some days i secretly wish hubby would take my laptop off me so i could be more productive and get so much more done.. (once i finish abusing him and throwing a tantrum to get it back that is, lol)
    It really is a bit of a shock to the system when you have to access to the net.
    Oh, did you manage to get my dress done and posted?

  3. I wish I had a closet filled with floral prints like that. How do you possibly find such glorious fabrics?


  4. wow you have been productive! Isn't it amazing how much work we can do when we remove technology! Technology is great but can be so distracting at times!

  5. I can imagine there would be a whole lot more crafting, sewing and baking here without the distraction of the internet.
    Loving all those florals.

  6. Love your beatiful dresses Bec and it always brightens up my day when you put pictures of them on your blog. Sometimes I wish my computer would die and I'd get more work done but then I'm not sure how I would function without it :)

  7. Ah commiserations on the smashed laptop! Hope it gets back up on its feet soon :)

  8. Hey Bec,

    No computer? That would suck almost as much as this crappy winter weather :oP

    I hope you're having a great week!

  9. those are really beautiful

  10. You, miss, are an inspiration.
    I've only made one dress thus far, and it consisted of essentially belting a (vintage sheet) pillowcase, ha.
    Your dresses are beautiful, and I thought it about time to say hello!