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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello again...

This last few weeks I have been involuntarily unplugged from the rest of the world. First with the broken laptop (now fixed, hooray) and then with a disconnected internet service. Before I set up in little shack I purchased a portable wireless internet device to keep me connected while I move around. It is a prepaid service that you can connect multiple devices to without needing a cord. Perfect for when I get my ipad (wishful thinking). ANYWAY, I thought that my device was faulty. But it turns out that I just ran out of credit and I needed to recharge it. I couldn't believe that I had used all my credit SO quickly... hmmm. 

So while I have been offline I have been sewing. I have made nearly 20 dresses in the last two weeks. I wont bombard you with pictures of them all straight away, I will spread them over the week... There is something about Dunsborough that makes me productive. Maybe its this cold, fresh air. Or maybe its the Yallingup espresso?? 

In other news it seems that my time in this little cottage is almost at an end and I have set my sights on another little place down the road. It is an old, pink house that reminds me of a sugared almond. I have dubbed this cottage 'the sugar shack'. It's not mine yet but I am doing all I can to change that. Living in this place has reminded me of my urge to nest and create a beautiful space. I had planned to keep moving for a while, but the small person has settled back into her old daycare so beautifully I feel that it would be mean to disrupt that again.

I think I need to unplug again and take this little out of the house for an op-shop visit. I hope you are enjoying a gorgeous Wednesday so far, wherever you may be...

Bec x



  1. Check you and your productivity out! Nicely done. Sometimes its great to unplug and refocus and get back on track. Have fun op-shopping! :D

  2. Hello,

    I have one of those things too. Much the best thing to do is to recharge $150 at once. Its lots but the rate is much much lower than if you recharge say $30 or $50 and it lasts for a year rather than just 30 days. Check it out on telstra's page. Watching videos eats it up too.

    Looks like we might also be moving back to Dunsborough too. Waiting on visa outcome, should be imminent and if its positive we will be back end of aug / september. Planning a visit end of next week to look for a house. If you hear of any other nice little shacks let me know!!! Or maybe we could share a big one!

    Lovely dresses of course

    1. Hi miss Lucy, can't wait to catch up with you and your babes x

    2. Likewise. Just checked my email and found we have been granted our visa!! Woo hoo, more imminent than I thought.

  3. Oh my, that little house has no much potential. How cute is it. Ank pink, how sweet.
    You sure have been productive in your internet browsing free weeks.

  4. The dresses are as beautiful as ever! The house seems just perfect for you and your little bundle of joy, I hope your dreams come true! Ada :(

  5. That dress is incredible - whatever fabric you use it looks fab!

  6. Wow 20 dresses in 2 weeks! You're a machine! If I can get one dress one in three days I'm thrilled. Haha mind you I suppose if I worked more than 4 hours each night I might get more done.
    Such beautiful dresses and I especially love the last dress with yellow flowers. Beautiful! :)
    Do you line the dresses?

  7. Love the dresses, such gorgeous fabrics as well. Amazing talent.

  8. so so glad that you're back!

  9. I like the look of the sugar shack!

  10. I have only just found you and your super dresses, I am so happy!
    Your dresses are fabulous.

  11. These dresses are beautiful.I'd like to know how I could buy one for Easter Sunday?I live in Pocomoke,Md.I just love the plum dress and the lavender flowered one,too!!What are the prices of the dresses?Thanks, Coriena Waters
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