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Thursday, January 5, 2012

a new design...

After my big old whine the other day, I sat down with a pot of tea, and slowly I was revived. Tea really does work wonders. I put both of my people to bed (the big one and the little one) and stayed up late making a new creation. An idea that has been lurking in my mind for a while now. I am happy to report that it has turned out exactly as I had dreamt and I couldn't be happier with the result... 

I am still toying with a few different name ideas, but so far the 'tessy two-shoes tunic' is my favourite. I made this dress with the hot australian summers in mind. Something completely non-restrictive. It hangs low under the arms and has a slight racer-style back. The fabric is 100% cotton and lightweight. I cut the fabric on the bias so that it would drape beautifully. Even though it is a tent style design, it still sits beautifully across the bust - hanging onto just the right curves. I have made the ruffles with unfinished edges so that they will fray and have a relaxed, sexy and bohemian feel.   

I have also added a detachable bow to the front, but if that is not your style then you could wear the bow on the skirt, in your hair, or you could pin it on a cardi. For a little more shape you could easily add a belt. 

I love this dress so much that I have been wearing it for two days straight. these photos have been taken of the dress worn in and unwashed! It is perfect for the hot conditions I am now living in.

What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback. I have three more of these pretties cut and ready to sew. I hope to have them available in the shop upon re-opening.

Bec x 


  1. I love love love this dress!!!
    Well done you clever lady!! :)

  2. ohmy! i NEED a dress like this - i'd call it the "yay-something-pretty-fits-me" dress!! ;)
    but seriously, you could totally market this as a maternity dress as well. i love it with the leather belt - super cute, lady, well done!


  3. I have been coveting your dresses for a while now and I must say, I love this one just as much as your others. I think it is perfect for an Aussie summer too :)

  4. Awesome design, I love how it is so versatile and works with all of those looks! My face is with the leather belt and this dress is definitely on my wish list for this summer!

  5. Love it! I would get one, I love the bow on the front, but also that you can use it around the waist, beautiful fabric too!

  6. it's really gorgeous. I love the detachable bow. So many options in one dress.

  7. Oh my! Love it! As Dee said, it would be a perfect maternity dress and then could still be worn afterwards with a belt or with the tie! Just gorgeous! Megan xxx

  8. yep, it's a winner!
    i love the ruffle at the bottom. i like ruffles that length, and tiers of them.
    but more than just a pretty ruffle, you have really captured what you wanted for a summer dress. brilliant design.
    i see myself wearing it for a nightie and and i feel just lovely, in my imagination, where i am wearing it, reading in bed and jumping up occasionally to make a cup of tea.
    i know what you mean about tea. i have often, in such situations, thought to myself - what would have become of the world if we didn't have tea? i'm quite sure we wouldn't have survived this long!

  9. My favourite so far! I absolutely adore this style and will be hoping I can grab one when they go up in your shop! I really love the cut and the neckline and adore the ruffle. Love love love it!

  10. Did you drink some magic tea?...i like this dress a lot!
    Now here in Holland the weather can be hot sometimes...and if not, i see myself wearing this dress with a skinny jeans and my brown leather western boots.
    I like the version with the belt or the tie the most because of my figure ;-)
    The ruffles are perfect, not to much and good lenght!


  11. Oh my gorgeousness! Beautiful work as always Bec x

  12. Love it so much! I love the ruffle detail! I love the version with the belt, cause I'm a belt kind of girl and can't wait to wear one. If you someone to test one out, I'm your girl! :D
    Sophie x

  13. I love this! It has a beautiful drape and flow and looks smashing with a belt (which in my opinion is always important) Also looks conducive to having too many scones in the afternoon and still being stylish and comfy.


  14. This looks fab, very comfy looking but stylish too which is always a good a thing!
    my first thought up on seeing this was I need one thinking I'd have to make i,t but if you've got a few to sell then I may just drop by the shop when it's re opened!

  15. I have watched your blog and dresses for a while now, have hinted at multiple people for one of your wonderful creations. This one though ... I think I should give in and buy one for myself when they become available. LOVE the dress. Even have the belt that would go with it. All the best for you this year

  16. pretty please bec can we see a pic of it on you. I am interested to see the length and how it sits on a real body.
    I LOVE it from the pics. the bow is just gorgeous! Gosh, just another reason for my husband to not like you. lol

  17. I think it's absolutely lovely and that you are a very clever girl! sue

  18. love the versatility. nice one!

  19. Hi Bec, I hope your starting to settle into life up in Panna! Your photos of the road trip there and the new studio look fab.

    That dress looks gorgeous and yes, very versatile. I'd imagine it's just what a girl needs in 50 degree heat!

    I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2012 - bring it on!!

    Dee x

  20. Wow!!!! I love this dress!!!! It is divine, love the style, this is even perfect for South African Climate!!! Well done!!