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Sunday, January 29, 2012

my new man...

Last week I was cruising around blogland, checking up on all of my favourite reads, when I stumbled across a little inspiration in the form of a 'Graeme' doll, made by the totally fabulous Michelle over at rockmyroll blog... I realised that the men are totally under represented in Zavian's toy box, and something had to be done about it...

So last week I had a late night sewing sesh to make up this guy - as yet still unnamed which seems to be the case with most things around here. He is being referred to as 'man doll' which works well seeing as his best friends are 'lady doll', 'long person', 'frog' and 'bear'...

FYI - I did not use a pattern- I drew simple rectangular shapes for all of his body parts and no mum, his pant's do not come off... If you wanted to make your own and you are not an experienced doll maker, I have discovered that leaving a small opening in the seams of the leg's and arm's, then stuffing them after you have sewn them into the body, using a slip-stitch to close the holes in the limbs - is a lot easier than trying to sew up the body with fat arms and legs stuffed inside, and then turning out the right way... if that makes any sense at all??

In other news - Zavian has ripped all of the keys off my laptop, and this time I have had a real problem getting them back on again. This is making typing slow and frustrating...

Yesterday we brought the outdoors in to prepare for cyclone iggy (great name!!), but this one too has passed us and I will now spend the rest of today getting my house back in order and re-arranging my pot plants...

On the shop front, the re-opening was a fabulous success (thank you so much ladies) and I sold out of custom orders within a few hours. There will be a few more available next week if you missed out this time. 

I hope you have had the most fabulous weekend. 

Bec x


  1. "Man doll" - love it! He looks fabulous! :)

  2. Man Doll is awesome! I love his shirt and funky cord pants. Your tip about stuffing the legs after turning a doll inside out is very much appreciated also - my least favourite part of doll making is the awkward turning inside out (or outside out perhaps?).

  3. I think every boy(or girl for that matter) could do with a Graeme doll! Love his beard and flares. Also loving those new dresses in your recent post - they look so breezy and comfy.

  4. I think your new man is a bit of a spunk! we havent had to do any cyclone prep in Cairns as yet this year.

  5. You new man is very handsome.

  6. How on earth did you get the tops of your keys back on? I knocked 3 off when I dropped a book on my laptop and the guys at PC World charged me £50 to put them on as it was 'a long job,had to go back to the distributer'. I did feel at the time I'd been ripped off........

  7. Hi, I love the boy doll, I think my boys would love him especially with the beard (their dad had ago at growing one recently which they found Hilarious!)
    have a lovely week x x x

  8. this so awesome!!! i love how you can just vision something and then create it all in the space of a few hours. i tend to be a 6 month girl.. hahah! love your work xx

  9. Naaaw thanks Bec xx
    I love your man doll. And your right i tried to pre-stuff then sew the body and it did not work out well for me at all.

    One of the response i get to Graeme is that there are not enough "boy" things or "inspired by" out there...good to see our men are sooo funky

  10. Oh Bec he's ADORABLE....I reckon he looks like a 'Roger'....**wink**....!!

    Good luck with your keyboard....hahahaha....

    Tamarah xxx

  11. LOVE Graeme the 'man doll' I must make my own: he is so rad! Especially with the cord trousers!